Release 2023 - 3rd of March

Welcome to the March release! We are very proud to present you with the new features, and we hope you will love them!

Let's begin with a short overview:

Combined search contest: Challenge the developer team to propose the best-combined search implementation

Combine search improvements: We added more customization 

Kudos: Kudos are now included in the Gamification leaderboard

Navigation: New kind of node to get search results at the first level

Mobile notifications: Ensure compliance with page translation 

( WIP ) Mobile packaging: We now manage the AAB package for the Android platform

Contribution to RTE: Improvement in image management

Accessibility: Improvements on component and navigation to be more compliant with RGAA and wgca rules. 

Vertical section: Manage new options for the Vertical section

New international woman's day: Embellish your portal with an additional theme.

Event: Dismiss pending demand

Important technical information


Combined search contest

We need you! Submit your idea for the best-Combined Search use case here:

Combined search improvements 

Combined Search will be updated with multiple usability enhancements grouped into a Miscellaneous section containing  :


For all display

Custom CSS class

A new component is available to allow you to inject a custom CSS class.


For Horizontal display only 

Hide content by default. 

A new option is now available in the Horizontal display, allowing you to choose whether the first panel will be displayed by default or not.  displayed by default or not. 



When On, the first panel will be displayed no matter what



When Off, the web part won't display anything until the user clicks on one tab or another.



For Square display only

Manage user preferences

  • you can now enable user preferences and define a mapped property related to your news


  • Once defined, a Preferences button will be available in the Combined Search display. it will allow users to filter the information provided by the web part based on the property mapped previously


  • In the example below, we allow users to filter news based on their department preferences



"See more" option :

See more allows you to create a "See More" button on your web part display and set a custom label if needed




You can define on the manager and the front the custom label you want your "see more" to display for each language and define the link to which users will be redirected by clicking the button.




"If No results" option :

"If no results" allows you to define the behavior of the web part when the search query returns no results
You can choose to show the web part as empty, hide it or show a specific message if no results are returned




Kudo's gamification points will now be included in the overall gamification points.
When the user receives gamification points by giving or receiving a kudo with gamification points included, those points will be added to Leaderboard and My profile web parts.


( My profile & Leaderboard before user received a 100pts kudo )



( My profile & Leaderboard after user received a 100pts kudo )


Mobile notifications

The mobile notification is updated to handle multi-language content better.

In the contribution, when you create content with notifications :

  • ¬†You will now be able to notify draft content by selecting Notify draft content. This means that a notification will be sent even if the content is not yet published.


  • You can choose to send a notification only for the current language of the content you have created by clicking Send only for the current language. This means that a notification will only be sent for the current language.


  • You can choose to send a notification for all existing languages in which your content is created by clicking Send for all languages. A notification will be sent to the mobile device for all languages.¬†


In both the Manager and front, a new type of link is available in the navigation. 



The search link is only accessible only for top-level node types, and it will display a navigation link based on your query.

As with the Search web part, you can define different queries and mappings.

Note that only one result will be displayed.


Contribution with RTE

RTE is updated in the contribution to better handle drag and drop and copy and paste on the image. 

Previously stored in base64, these images are now stored on the URL of the image source, which is now compatible with Publishing and easier to load.




Accessibility is an important topic to make the use of Powell's components more and more accommodating to all its users. This is why we have implemented minor changes to facilitate the use of navigation and web parts.

  • Navigation is improved by changing the hover to open navigation on mouse click, which will lead to a better experience for users navigating with the keyboard and avoid them going through all the elements of a navigation node to reach a section.


  • We also have improved different components based on the recommendations of the RGAA/WCAG2.1 accessibility reports.

Vertical Page layout

On the manager and front, the page layout has been reworked for the vertical layout type. The vertical section will now behave differently for smaller screens. 

  • The collapse option has been deleted.¬†
  • A new option Adjust the position of this section for the smaller screen has been added with 2 settings to handle if the section will be placed on top or bottom of the page for a smaller screen


( Page layout with a vertical section)



( New section position option in vertical section editing )

Additional theme: International Women's Day

A new theme is available to celebrate international women's day


Event: Dismiss pending demand 

Event-Hub now manages the rejection of pending requests. 


When opening the See all subscribers in an event page, the administrator will now be able to reject a request. Rejected users will receive a specific email with the status of their request.  In addition, the validation and rejection icons have been updated to be clearer. 


Important technical information

We would like to inform you that we have been carrying out maintenance operations and upgrading the architecture. These changes are intended to improve the quality of our services. The operations are carried out silently without interrupting the services.


An impact is expected on the IPs of our WebJob, used for the deployment.
Currently, the IPs are:


From 22/02/2023, the IPs will be:

  • Powell Job


    Powell Manager

If you need to list/prioritize our services, we recommend doing this on the DNS name.
- https://*

(valid for all services, except web jobs) 

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