Boundaries and limits

Microsoft 365

Our solutions rely on Microsoft 365. here are the limitations provided by Microsoft which impact the use of our solutions.

  • Restrictions and limitations for OneDrive and SharePoint

  • SharePoint Limits

  • Microsoft Teams limits


Powell Governance

Powell Teams can handle a great amount of data around Microsoft Teams in short times.

However, as Powell Governance is SaaS we implemented strategies to provide the best experience to all of our customers, and prevent that actions on one tenant could impact all the others.

Thus, here is a listing of the usage limits for Powell Governance:


Feature Limits
Number of Teams creation through Powell Teams 2 per minute for a single tenant (Recommended)
Number of Teams creation through Powell Teams API 2 per minute for a single tenant (Recommended)
Bulk operations (update, archive, etc...) 1 per tenant at a single time. (Enforced).  if you start multiple bulk operations, operations will be execute one after one.
Number of Powell Teams Api calls 1500 per tenant per hour (Enforced)


Powell Intranet

We recommend not to manage more than 5000 Site collections in Powell Manager.
Specific synchronization operations (Webparts Sync, Page Sync, etc.) will be difficult on a large volume of site collections.

We advise to sequence a maximum of 5 Sync operations simultaneously.
This recommendation is based on the limitations imposed by Microsoft on their APIs.
Too large volume of requests could cause errors and defeat our deployment processes (throttling).

We cannot guarantee a deployment time. It could depend on several factors :

  • our deployment context (config),
  • the state of your tenant,
  • the activity of your tenant,
  • the number of licenses activated,
  • the elements to deploy (number of site in case of subsite architecture, number of page / list / CT / column in your template)
Feature Limits
Number of managed site collections through Powell Manager 5000 
Number of simultaneous synchronization through Powell Manager 5
Number of simultaneous synchronization through API 5
Number of first node in the navigation 7 (functional limit, you can add more nodes but you may face some display issue due to the default design offer in the product. Some design customation can be need if you need more nodes as first level)
Number of page per template 50 (functional limite, having a lot of pages can bring additional time on deployment)
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