How to create a Powell support ticket

What you will find in this tip:



You have questions regarding Powell features and you can't find the information in our documentation or our tips, you have an issue with Powell features on your site.


How to create a ticket

On Powell's support side, we need most information as possible.


For that, the best way to create your ticket will be to do it from your Powell Manager environment or your client environment if you're a Powell partner. This will pre-fill a few ticket fields which contain precious information for your context. 


Powell Manager tenant information

To do it, go to the Powell Manager environment where you have a question to ask or where you have an issue. Once here, click on the "i" for information on the top right of the page.

Then, click on "Open an issue".


This will open the correct form for your ticket creation and fill a few fields with your context information.




Please don't change the value unless it concerns another tenant.


If it's concerning another tenant on Powell Manager, when you're on Powell Manager get the exact tenant's name (which can be found in the Powell Manager tenant settings or on the top right of Powell manager pages). 




If you can't access the Powell Manager environment, please set at least the name of your client if you're a partner or put your company name if you're a client 😊. To create a ticket when you have no Powell Manager access, click on "Submit a request" from



Email address

Then put your email address to receive all answers from Powell support. 



URL impacted

Set at least one impacted URL. Even if it's just for questions or even if it concerns multiple sites, please, set at least one URL of your M365 tenant which uses Powell features. 




Set the related Powell product related to your request.




Set the priority of your request. If not filled, the priority will be set automatically to "Low". See your Powell contract for the related SLA. 




Set the subject of your request.



Request type

Set the kind of request you're trying to create.





Set the browser related to the behavior of your request.




Set the description of your request. Try to describe as more as possible your behavior or context for your issue or your question.



For an issue, please describe the full reproduction process. For example, if you have an issue with creation, the process can be like this:

- Go to https://....

- Open Powell wheel and click on the content type called "The content type who fails"

- ...

- Click on Publish

- An error is displayed


The reproduction process can help us understand your issue and reproduction context to be able to help you configure or fix your issue.


Put as much as possible screenshots or a video of reproduction into the "Attachment" field and precise in your description of which image or file corresponds to which action made (very helpful for the Powell support to understand your context and behavior).



Set the attachments of the requests (screenshots, HAR files, reproduction videos, etc.). This field is limited to 50Mb so you may need to zip things. If even the zip is too huge, please ask the support team for a link to where to put your files. 




Once completed, click on the submit button. You'll receive then a confirmation email and the Powell support will analyze your request as soon as possible.


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