Flow - Send a message to a team channel when it is someone birthday

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the flow will allow you to publish a card in a team channel to celebrate employee birthday. it is based on Azure Active Directory user profile and a targeted group to avoid to scan all accounts in the Azure Active Directory.




Step 0:  edit the flow

  • in "my flows" section, edit the flow


  • in the detail page, click edit again


Step 1:  set the connexions

To be able to use the flow you will need to initiate multiple connections (some connections are in the condition block in the user loop) :

  • one to get the list of users in the targeted group


  • one to get information profiles of the users


  • one to transform the item contents


  • two for Microsoft Teams to be able to post a card into your desired channel & mention the user 



Step 2:  set the source & target of the flow

after setting the different connections, we will configuring the flow itself by setting the timer job in the desired time slot for the execution


note: interval and fequency need to stay at 1 time per day to avoid missing birthday & do not send multiple cards for the same employee in a day.

we need to specify the group of users we want to target


note: it is the same action as finding the team id explained here: TIPS - How to find a team id and a channel id in Microsoft Teams

and we will set the team channel destination for the card notification


to know how to find the team channel id and team id, you can follow this article



You have configured the connexions and set your timer job, group & Team channel destination. Your flow is now complete and you are ready to test it.

Just before testing it, do not forget to activate the flow by turn it on in the top action bar in the flow resume page





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