Personal Favorite


Personal Favorite is a Powell 365 web part, and it can be used anywhere on the Intranet to display users' favorite applications and links.

The benefit of this web part is that employees can choose what application they want to display by themselves.

Add Personal Favorite


Once you add Personal Favorite from the Powell web part catalog, it will display a message:

This message is visible to all users, allowing them to manage their favorite links and application.



Personal Favorite Configuration

Contributors can configure Personal Favorite to decide how many favorite applications users can select and the overall display of the web part with the number of rows in different resolutions.



How to use Personal Favorite

Click on MANAGE APPS to display the favorites management panel:



The first part corresponds to the row configured in the web part configuration. 

Users can drag the applications they want to display in it. 



Business Apps

If your company has applications available by default, the favorites management panel will display them in the Business Apps section.

These applications, shared by your organizations for everyone, can be filtered according to their categories in the left filter panel. Select a category to display only the corresponding applications 


Personal Apps

My personal apps display all applications the user created. To create a new personal app, click on Add your own app.



Add a title, an URL, and an image, then click on SAVE.


A message will be displayed to ensure your link is successfully created.



Your newly created link will now be available in Personal apps.




Manage apps display


Once you want to display an application, click on it and drag it to the first section where you want.



Once you are done, quit the favorites management panel.



That's it! Your applications are displayed precisely as you defined them before.




To be able to use this webpart on your site, if your site was created before the March 2023 Powell release, you'll need to synchronize the Powell Lists on your site from Powell Manager. This will deploy a Powell hidden list required for this feature. 



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