Powell Teams release April 2023

For this release made on April 14th 2023, most of the new features have been developed to enhance the everyday use of Powell Teams. Most are concerned with simplifying access to teams' and users' information.


End-users only

Retry of team creation after an approval decline

When a team creation requestor has his approval request declined, he can restart a new team creation with all initial information prefilled. 


New filters on the user dashboard

Two new filters have been added to the user dashboard. It is now possible to filter teams by template or by status - A "must have",  when an end user is part of many archived teams.



End-users and Powell Teams administrators

People information card

Moving your mouse over a team user will now give more information about this user.



Template information review

Powell Teams wants to educate end-users about governance matters and give more information about their templates rules. A new page that summarize template information is displayed when selecting a template for team creations or editions.


History of team creation

Powell Teams end-users and administrators have now access the team creation date and last edition date into the team information & edition page.



Powell Teams administrators only

New report: Teams with guest rule not respected

A new report is now available into the administration center. This is a template based report showing the teams that do not respect the guest configuration of their template.

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