Release 2023 - 31st of March

Welcome to the March release! We are very proud to present you with the new features, and we hope you will love them! All these features will be available after the 31st of March.


Let's begin with a short overview


For contributors

Contribution –  Duplicate content ( Contribution board & details views ) 

Members webpart - Display specific users as a contact list

My profile webpart - Build your own profile view

Contribution: Be able to upload media content of more than 50mo


For administrators

Site administration menu – Change admin/owner menu in Orion one bar tool header

Webpart catalog – Edit a ready-to-use configuration & add a description 

Powell Manager - Optimization of page template loading

❤ Powell Manager - Clone a content type with inheritance


For everyone

Flexdesk - Minor improvements to the new interface

News list display – Display the date field even if the author is not mapped


For contributors

Contribution – Be able to duplicate content

You will now be able to duplicate content directly from the contribution board or when editing content (pages or items, the option is not available for media contents like documents, images, or videos)

Open the contribution board inside the Tools panel. 



Your contribution board is now opened, and for each item, an edit menu is displayed. 


A duplicating option is now available. When selected, the contribution panel will reappear with information about the duplicated content.



You can edit each piece of information and then save or publish the content. The duplicated content will not be modified, and your new content will be created.


This same option is also available inside the "edit content" menu.

Members webpart - Display specific users

Members webpart has a new option to display only a specific list of users.


On Powell Manager, a new option is displayed to Define a list of users;

  • Once it is selected, you can add a list of users by adding email addresses (remember to separate each email with a ; ).
  • With Click behaviour, you can also decide the comportment when clicking on the user profile to display the related Vcard or to directly redirect the user to the profile page.


On the front, logic is the same but with more advanced features: 


  • Contributors can edit the webpart by clicking on the edit button.

  • Once this is done, the edit members form opens, and you can also define the list of users to display. A person selector is displayed to search for each user in your tenant. 

  • You can also decide to display Vcard or user on the profile page when clicking on a user.


My profile: build your own profile view

Contributors are now able to determine the information that will be displayed inside the My Profile webpart, with the Orion - User profile view.



2 settings sections are available: Banner and information block :

  • In the first one, you can decide which links to display inside the banner of my profile webpart. 
  • In the second, you can now define which properties will be displayed in the different information blocks of the user profile. Open a block to define the property type, theme, block title and displayed property.


chat1.gif Blocks that are incorrectly configured will be highlighted in red. Once all blocks are correctly configured, you can now save your web part.


You can customize each block, delete some and add a new one that will create a new section in my profile view: 


Contribution: Be able to upload media content of more than 50mo

Previously, media content max uploads were locked to a 50mo maximum; we increased it to be able to support heavier files when uploading inside the contribution. 


For administrators


SITE ADMIN - Change admin/owner menu in Orion one bar tool header

The administration menu, visible to administrators and owners of a site collection, has been modified to improve its clarity. It is now divided into several sections :



Webpart catalog – Edit a ready-to-use configuration & add a description 

For administrators, in the administration's settings  / Webpart templates




All your preconfigured web parts are displayed here. It was only possible to delete them, but now it's possible to edit them and change the information about them.

When doing so, you can edit any information you want on the configurations and save it. 


                ( New information form for ready-to-use configurations ) 



Also, new information are available when creating or editing a ready-to-use configuration :

  • A new Description field is available; this field is limited to 200 characters and allows you to display a description inside the webpart catalog for all your contributors to see.

                                              ( Display of the description field in the webpart catalog ) 
  • The description and the title are now translatable into the language of your choice. If the user's language matches, the title and description of the web part will be translated into the web part catalog.

                          ( Title and description of a ready-to-use configuration translated in French language ) 

Powell Manager – Optimization of page template loading 

The loading of page templates has been optimized to be faster. 

When implementing a page from a page template in a collection of sites, the page will be displayed faster.


Powell Manager - Clone a content type with inheritance

We now offer you a new option when you decide to clone a content type in Powell Manager. You can choose to keep the inheritance and conserve the parent GUID to be able to enrich an existing content type easily.


For everyone

Flexdesk - Minor improvements to the new interface

We made multiple minor improvements to Flexdesk's new interface :


All-day reservation : 

  • We're going back to a change in the new interface, where slot reservations were set by default to be valid for the entire day. Reservations are now set by default for the day selected on the map for one hour only. Users can still set them for All day, Morning or Afternoon.

  • Reservation mail previously redirected users to the wrong panel. We fixed that, and the mail redirects now correctly on the booking panel. 

  • We have also added a Validate my presence button in the My Booking's panel if the reservation day is the current day. 


News list - Display the date field even if the author is not mapped

  • Previously, the Author and Date fields in the search web part news list mapping were linked, and it was not possible to display a date without an author. Now, the Date and Author fields are independent in the mapping.

  • You can now choose to display none, only one or both of them. 














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