We do not host any customer data. At the end of the contract, the data is and stay in you Microsoft 365 environment.  So, there is no data transfer in any format from Powell Software side.

Configuration settings associated to the product are suppressed at the end of the contract and remains in our backup history for 6 months.


Reversibility steps

Powell Governance: When your trial or license expires, you need to uninstall the Powell Governance application. This is done by your Microsoft Teams Administrator in your Teams Admin Center. You keep everything in your Microsoft Environment (teams, channels, tabs*, conversations, documents). We have no footprint on Microsoft 365 (*Tabs using a Powell Governance application will be empty).


Powell Intranet: Before the end of the contract, you need to replace Powell Intranet features with Standard Microsoft SharePoint feature in each Site Template and synchronize the templates. We have no footprint on Microsoft 365, you will keep your data, site organization, pages in SharePoint in native version without Powell Intranet web parts & styles


Additional action

To ensure that also all connections are closed between Powell Software and the customer you need to remove the rights associated to the Powell Azure AD applications in your Azure Active Directory.


Reversibility support 

Powell Software do not include reversibility support in the licence cost. 

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