Release 2023 - 28th of april


Dear users of Powell Intranet, 

We are pleased to announce the release for the month of April.

We take great pride in introducing a suite of new features that we believe will significantly enhance your experience. These features will be made available to you from the 28th of April onwards.

We hope that you find these additions to be both useful and valuable to your operations.



For contributors

❤ Search/Graph – Open content in a pop-in view

❤ Kudos – Display Kudos board with a pagination

❤ Must-Read – Let the administrator choose the gamification action for a must-read

Webpart Catalog – Webparts description and Zendesk tooltips


For administrators

❤ Powell Vcard Builder to define the information displayed in the Vcard

Administration settings – Add Mobile report

Administration settings – Add Page edit and Site Usage

❤ Gamification – Add different types of actions depending on what the user has done 

Manager –  In a cloned content type, be able to edit the field properties ( Work in progress ) 


For everyone

❤ Kudos – Be able to send Unlimited kudos to multiple users

Personal favorites – Add a search box to help users find apps 

Search / favorite – Do not allow users to modify the application added from a search result

Accessibility – Correction of visual elements for accessibility



Special announcement

❤ Flow – Creation of Powell automated flows for Power automate


 ( ❤  represents the features requested by our users) 




For contributors


Webpart Catalog– Webparts description and Zendesk tooltips


To continue the effort of the previous release, we have now added descriptions to all web parts in the web parts catalog. 



In addition, a link to the Zendesk documentation will now be available in all webpart edit forms to help you understand how each webpart works. Click on Need Help to be redirected to the documentation for your web part.



Search/Graph – Open content in a pop-in view

In the Graph and Search web parts, it is now possible to open content in a pop-in view. 


In the webpart editing form, in the mapping section, and when a view manipulates a URL, a new parameter is available to define the behavior of the content display when the link is opened.

Select Open the link in a pop-in option.

Now, when the user clicks on the content in the webpart, it will be displayed in a pop-in view.


                                               ( Example of a pop-in view of a Search content ) 




Kudos – Display a kudos board with a pagination

In the Kudos Won webpart, you are now able to define pagination.

From Powell Manager and in your portal, in the webpart edit form, a Number to display before paginate option is now available. 


When a number is set in the option, pagination is enabled, and the number will now correspond to the number of items displayed per page in the webpart display.



Must-Read – Let the administrator choose the gamification action for a must-read.

From Powell Manager and in your portal, in the Search webpart, the Must-Read options now allow administrators to select the gamification action they want to trigger when a mandatory reading item is read. 



You can select a pre-existing gamification action or create a custom one with a manual value. If you select a pre-existing action, don't forget to add it to your gamification site so that it is triggered.





For administrators


Powell Vcard: Builder to define the information displayed in the Vcard

We have separated Powell Vcard into 2 sections:  Powell Standard Vcard and Powell Customizable Vcard.

This new option allows the administrator to create his own Vcard with information blocks based on the desired properties. 

Inside the administrator settings, the Vcard manage option is updated

Administrators can now manage and select, edit and delete different types of information blocks : 

  • Single property: Define a block of information based on a single property ( for example, Birthday, to display the user's birthday ) 
  • Multi properties: Define a block of information based on multiple properties ( for example, Name, Surname, and address to display the user's name, surname, and address) 
  • Rewards: Display the user's gamification score
  • Organizational chart: Display the user's Organizational chart  ( same as the webpart Organizational chart  ) 





Thanks to this, the administrator can now completely build the Vcard he wants.



Administration settings:  Add Mobile report in administration settings

In the Orion One bar tools' header, a new option, Mobile report, is available in the Analytics section.

Note: This option appears only if you have configured an application for your tenant and enabled the analytics.




The mobile report allows opening your Powell App's statistics report directly in a left panel:

This report is the same as the webpart mobile app analytics report


Administration settings:  Add Page edit and Site Usage

2 new options are available in the administration settings:

  • Page edit, which opens the edit page of the current page (this option is visible only if the user has the right to edit the current page).
  • Site usage, which opens the Microsoft page of the site usage (this option is visible only if you enable the Analytics options on your site collection).


Gamification – Add different types of actions depending on what the user has done

In the content type creation and editing form, the administrator can now define gamification actions:


By creating the content: The selected gamification action will be triggered when you publish the content type through the contribution. 

By receiving a "like" on the content: The gamification action is triggered when another user likes the published content. 

By liking the content: The gamification action is triggered when the current user likes the content type.


You can set a pre-existing gamification action code (make sure this gamification action exists on your gamification site) or select a manual value.



( WIP ) Manager – In content type, be able to delete fields or edit the properties


Note : This feature is expected to be delivered in the next release (May 26th)


Previously, when you were creating a content type based on a standard or cloning an existing content type, administrators could not edit the inherited properties. 

This is now possible for each content type, administrators have the right to edit these properties.


Now, every field is now editable.

This feature is especially useful to help you create custom content types based on standard and Powell content types.

Important points need to be known :

  • Sealed fields cannot be deleted (it's the case of "Title", for example), but you can hide it on the creation/edit forms.
  • When the content type is deployed on SharePoint, some properties are relatives to the field and others to the content type.
    • Properties relative to the field: the value of the field will be the same if it's used in many content types. It still is the latest value defined and deployed that will be used everywhere.
    • Properties relative to the content type: the value of the field can be different even if it's used in many content type


For everyone


Kudos – Be able to send Unlimited kudos to multiple users

In the Kudos webpart, you can now send kudos without sending limits to several collaborators simultaneously.
If the number of times a congratulation is set to unlimited, the selector will be updated when it is sent in order to select countless users at the same time. 

Note: The gamification action will be triggered multiple times for each user to whom the kudo is sent. 




Personal Favorite - Add a search box to search for applications

In the Personal Favorites web part, a new search field is now available to help users search for applications when creating their Favorites table.



Start to enter an application name to search for a name match in the user and organization links.



Search / favourite – Do not allow users to modify the application added from a search result.

In the personal Favorites panel, users who added an application/links via search results will no longer be able to edit them directly, as the organization defines them. 





Accessibility:  Correction of visual elements for accessibility

We made minor changes to make Powell easier to use with accessibility tools by improving keyboard handling and labelling of page elements.



Special Announcement

❤ Powell Flow – Creation of Powell automated flows for Power automate

Power Automate is a Microsoft service that allows you to create automated workflows between your favorite applications and services. These workflows can be used to synchronize files, collect data, receive notifications, etc.

We have already developed a Power Automate connector and now offer a set of pre-built workflows that can be customized to your organization's specific needs. These flows are simple use cases of different actions, notifications and more between Powell Manager and Powell Teams. 


We currently released these Flow models : 


For more information about Powell Flow , a complete documentation is available here




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