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Powell Software Power Automate samples

Powell Software Power Automate samples are provided as a guide to understand how to connect Powell Products with Microsoft 365 features and let you easily modify them to your personal needs.  Powell Software Power Automate samples are not part of the Powell Software products & service level agreements associated with the licences (no support), it is a free add-on.


The flow will allow you to manage two steps team creation approval workflow.





Step 0:  edit the flow

  • in "my flows" section, edit the flow


  • in the detail page, click edit again



Step 1:  set the connections

To be able to use the flow you will need to initiate 2 connections:

  • One for approvals to be able to use the Microsoft feature in the flow
  • One for Powell Teams to be able to get information about the team creation and at the end create or deny the team creation

Step 2:  set the Powell Teams template

You should create an automation on Powell Teams based on the trigger "After approval workflow request sent".


Then you have to add this automation into a Powell Teams template. Into the "governance" section, you have to select your new automation and save your template.



Step 2:  set the source & target of the flow

After setting the different connections, we will configure the flow itself by setting the trigger and approvers. 

You should copy the HTTP POST URL of the first step of the flow into the automation configuration into Powell Teams. So that the team creation made within Powell Teams trigger the flow.




Then you just have to configure your two approvers into the associated variables at the begining of the flow.



You have set the connections, configured the connections and set your Powell Teams automation and approvers. Your flow is now complete and you are ready to test it.

Just before testing it, do not forget to activate the flow by turn it on in the top action bar in the flow resume page


You can test the flow by creating a team with the template configured with the automation.


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