Engaging users all year round with Seasonal Themes ☀️

In today's fast-paced corporate world, organizations strive to foster a sense of belonging and engagement among their employees.

An animated and vibrant intranet can serve as a powerful tool to enhance internal communication and create a positive work environment.
One exciting feature that can help you achieve this is seasonal themes.
By leveraging the changing seasons and cultural celebrations, you can infuse your intranet with a fresh and dynamic feel, boosting employee engagement and collaboration.

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In this article, we will explore the benefits of using seasonal themes on your intranet and provide industry best practices to help you make the most of this exciting feature.

  1. Captivating your audience with seasonal themes
    Seasonal themes breathe life into your intranet, capturing the attention of employees and making the platform visually appealing. By aligning your intranet with the current season, you create a familiar and relatable atmosphere for your employees. Whether it's a cozy winter wonderland or a vibrant summer beach, the right seasonal theme sets the tone for a delightful user experience and encourages active participation.

  2. Leveraging cultural celebrations
    In addition to seasonal changes, incorporating cultural celebrations into your intranet themes adds an extra layer of engagement. By recognizing and celebrating national holidays, festivals, or important dates, you demonstrate respect for diverse cultures within your organization. This approach fosters inclusivity and creates a sense of unity among employees, regardless of their background.
    Examples could include Independence Day, Chinese New Year, Diwali, or any other culturally significant event.
    A thoughtful integration of these themes showcases your organization's commitment to diversity and helps employees feel valued.

  3. To ensure your seasonal themes leave a lasting impact, you also need to consider the following best practices:

    • Consistency
      Create a consistent visual language across all seasonal themes to maintain a sense of familiarity and coherence. This will help employees easily identify and navigate through the various intranet sections, ensuring a seamless user experience.

    • Collaboration
      Encourage employees to contribute their ideas and suggestions for seasonal themes. This collaborative approach promotes a sense of ownership and involvement, fostering a stronger connection between employees and the intranet.

    • Timely Updates
      Regularly update your intranet with new seasonal themes to keep the content fresh and exciting. A stagnant intranet can quickly lose its appeal, so make it a priority to provide new visuals and experiences that align with the changing seasons or upcoming cultural events.

    • Gamification elements
      Introduce gamification elements within the seasonal animations to make the experience more interactive and enjoyable. This can include quizzes, contests, or challenges related to the current theme, encouraging employee participation and fostering a sense of friendly competition.

    • Employee feedback
      Actively seek feedback from employees regarding their experience with the seasonal themes. This feedback loop will provide valuable insights to continuously improve and tailor the themes to better suit their preferences.

As a conclusion, by leveraging seasonal themes, your organization can transform its intranet into a dynamic and engaging platform that fosters employee connection, collaboration, and a positive work culture. You can find more explanatory videos on our public website here. 

Embracing the changing seasons and cultural celebrations within your intranet's design reflects your organization's commitment to employee engagement and creates an environment that encourages active participation.
Incorporate these best practices, and your intranet will become an animated hub that brings joy and excitement to your employees all year round.


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These themes require no customizations or IT skills. They are ready to be used – available directly from the settings menu in the header. Powell Intranet offers you also default themes and a full gallery of seasonal themes.

Send us your themes, and we’ll create them for you!

Not to limit our users to the seasonal themes we have designed, we also offer them the possibility to send us ideas for seasonal themes they would like to include in their intranet.

Check out this article which goes more into details!

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