Contribution – Manage translation and deletion of items on MS page translation

We continue to offer you new ways to contribute effectively through Powell contribution. 
Previously, it wasn't possible to translate an item (alert, apps, event hub, glossary, ...) within a Sharepoint Page Translation context.

This is now the case, and you can create, translate and delete your items in any language.

How to enable it? 

Enable feature inside tenants ( Temporary ) 

  • As the feature is in preview for now, it can only be enabled at the tenant level by a Powell administrator not to impact your current site (you can ask for it by creating a support ticket).

Enable item folder creation

  • By default, item folder creation is going to be enabled automatically once you synchronize the desired list from Powell Manager after enabling the feature on the tenant level ( See previous point )
        • If it doesn't work, verify that the list supports the folder creation. If yes, check that the lists have these fields.

How does it work? 

Once the feature has been activated and the list synchronized, you can create articles via the Powell contribution. For translation to be available, please ensure that the list type is one of the following : 

  •  Generic List
  •  Survey
  •  Announcements
  •  Tasks
  • Contacts

Manage an item variation

Step 1: Create an item

Once you have selected the element you wish to create, the element's fields are displayed.


  • Fill in the form to create your item with all the required information.

By clicking on the Publish button, the content will be directly created and search indexed (that means it will be visible on components using the search and in the contribution board)

Step 2: Additional options

Once the content is created, a second step displays the link to the content and language management options.  Depending on the site context and the selected content types, more additional options can be displayed, such as notifications, ... 

The Duplicate All button will allow you to directly select all available languages instead of selecting them individually. It's simply a time saver! Once every language is selected, it will become a Do not duplicate to unselect all languages.

The Translate All button will select all languages to be automatically translated after creation (using Azure translator service), and Don't Translate will deselect them all. This button is displayed only if your administrator enables the automatic translation for your site collection.

Select one or more languages, and an automatic translation option will appear (if enabled in Powell Manager). Click on it to automatically translate your content. 

In both cases, click on Publish to distribute your content in the selected languages.

Now your item is created in the different languages you selected, click on the "Go to your content" link to open it in the selected language, or edit to display its edit form.

Delete language variations from items

New deletion option is also available to allow you to delete item in a specific, or in all its languages. 

You can access the deletion of an item from several access paths : 

  • Click on Edit after creating an item 
  • Click on Delete inside the content management in a display view

  • Open Contribution board / More options / Delete item  


Once you delete an item with variation, an option Also delete item's variation languages is displayed : 

  • If enabled, your item and all its variations will be deleted 
  • If not enabled, only the selected variation of your item will be deleted
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