Notifications : Subscriptions

🧙 Administrators : Create a notification scenario 

You can set up a subscription scenario from Powell Manager or directly in your Sharepoint site. Let's take a look at the two options:

( Powell Manager ) Enable Notifications

  • Inside Powell Manager, open site collection settings / Environment configuration

  • Scroll until you find the Notifications section with 2 options: Recent activities (enabled by default) and Subscriptions
  • Select Subscriptions and save your site collection 
  • Redo operations for each site collection you want Subscriptions to be available on.

( Powell Manager ) Set notification tags

  • In Powell Manager, open the notification management page
  • Inside this page, you can manage all your notifications groups
  • Click on Create a group 
  • A panel is displayed for notification group creation :
    • Add a group name that corresponds to the type of notification labels you want to create
      (for example, Departments if you want to allow users to select departments, locality if you want users to select different localities ... )

  • For this example, we'll create a Localities notification group with France, Germany, and USA as notification tags.

  • Once your groups and tags are created, open Linked content types
  • Here, all your content types with notifications enabled will be displayed
    (all contents with notifications)

  • Click on Enable a content type and add notification groups you want your content type to be associated with. We'll add the Localities group we created previously and associate it with our newly created news content type. 
  • Don't forget to Save!


( Powell Manager ) Set default notification tags

To create coherent notifications scenarios, it is possible for administrators to set defaults users subscriptions. This way, users will be notified for specifics notifications by default without the need for end-user to subscribe manually. 


When editing your subscriptions tags, you can now associate a property to the tag that will be selected by default for your user depending in this value

Choose a graph property and set up your subscriptions:

  • If a user's profile has a graph property matching a subscription name, the user will be automatically enrolled in that subscription.
  • Users will not have the option to unsubscribe from the group.
  • If a user's profile is modified, the subscription will be updated accordingly based on the profile properties.
  • For instance, considering the example above, we will examine the user's profile for the name of their Country. If User A's country is listed as France, they will automatically be subscribed to notifications sent to the France tags.

( In the front-end, the user's country is equal to France, so France is automatically registered for this user )




( Sharepoint Site ) Enable Notifications

  • Inside your Sharepoint site, open Settings
  • Then select Manage available Tools

  • Inside the Manage available tools panel, search for the Notifications section
  • Select Subscription 

( Sharepoint Site) Set notification tags & default subscriptions

  • Once Subscription is selected inside the Notifications section, a button Manage subscriptions appears
  • Select it
  • A panel now appears, allowing you to manage and create subscription groups.
  • Select Add a new group to create a new subscription groups 

A form is now displayed with 3 fields you have to fill : 

  • Subscription Group Name : This corresponds to the name of the Subscription group you will create

  • Default subscription value : Add a property that will be checked in the user's profile and used as the default subscription value. For example, if we select "Country", the user's "Country" value will be checked, and if a subscription matches the user's "Country" value, it will be selected by default.
    For example, if John Doe has  "France" as a country in his profile properties, and we have defined France as a possible subscription, France will be selected as John Doe's subscription by default.
  • Available subscriptions :This corresponds to all possible subscription values to which your users will be able to subscribe in this group.
    For example, if we want to create a subscription group by country, we'll add "France, USA, England, Spain...."

You can also decide to translate and define specific order for all subscriptions values. 


(Example of our Country group with all available subscriptions displayed and France defined as the default subscription group)

👪 End-User: Subscribe to desired notifications

Now, as the notification scenario has been created, the end user of your Sharepoint site can select the desired notification tags to receive the corresponding notifications.

  • Open Tools inside Powell Header

  • Once open, this panel displays notifications specific to the user. Currently, as the user has not subscribed to any notifications, it is empty. 

  • Click on Open Settings to open the management notification panel 


  • Here, you can subscribe to different devices and notification tags :

    • Manage my subscription: Choose the devices in which you will receive notifications ( Note that mobile notifications cannot be managed from this panel, but only within your Powell application ).

    • Subscribe to a tag: Select the tags you wish to receive notification. If content is created and a notification is sent for a specific tag, the user will be notified if they selected it. 


✍️ Contributors: Send notifications via content creation

Now that a notification scenario has been created, when a contributor creates content associated with a notification group, tags belonging to this group will be selectable to send a notification.

  • As a contributor, open contribution inside the Powell header 

  • Select content related to notifications (In our example, August - News with notif is a page template associated with the August news with notification content type we created earlier and linked to the Location notification group.)

  • In the first step, fill the desired information about your news

  • Publish content

  • In step 2, the notifications section appears : 

  • 3 ways of notifications are displayed 
    • All will notify every user in your tenant, regardless of subscription.
    • Tags let you select specific notification tags according to the associated content groupIn our example, Location tags are displayed with France, Germany, and USA as we defined it previously.
    • Users will let you select different users, which is helpful if you need to target only a few.
  • Select Tags
    • An option Send notification to users who subscribed to all selected tags is displayed: This function allows you to send a notification only to users who have subscribed at least at one tag in the list
    • An option allows you to choose to send the notification to users who are subscribed to all the tags you have selected:
  • Notify draft content allows you to notify even if your content is in draft form.
  • Select every tag you desire
  • Send only on content language will send a notification only for the content, primary language, and send for all languages, sent it to every language available.

  • Once you've finished, a Notification was sent message appears. Let's take a look.

For our example, we will create 2 content, one named "News for Paris" and one called "News for Marketing in Germany".

  • "News for Paris" will be sent to every user who subscribed to the Paris tag
  • "News for Marketing in Germany" will be sent to every user who subscribed to the Germany tag

If we open Tools / Notification, we see that :

  • Our user receives no notification for the content "News for Paris" because he is not subscribed to the Paris tags
  • Our user receives a notification for "News for Marketing in Germany" because he is subscribed to the both tags Marketing and Germany


Thanks to this, you are now able to :

For administrators: Easily control and create notification groups and related tags 

For contributors: Enable contributors to manage notifications more effectively directly within their contribution.

For users: Manage their subscriptions and the content they want to be notified about.


How to introduce this feature?

We'll give you some tips on how to introduce this new feature and implement it successfully in your environment, so that your end-users can properly integrate this new functionality and its use into their daily intranet usage.

  • First, it's important to follow this step : Create a notification scenario, as it is mandatory for your end-users to have the notifications enabled in their site collection. 

  • Once the tags have been created, it's essential to inform your users about tag subscriptions and how to use them easily.

Our advice : Create a news item with a quick explanation of the notification tags you've created and how to subscribe to them. You can reuse this documentation: 

  • Click on Open Settings to open the management notification panel 


  • Here, you can subscribe to different devices and notification tags :

    • Manage my subscription: Choose the devices in which you will receive notifications.

    • Subscribe to a tag: Select the tags you wish to receive notification. If content is created and a notification is sent for a specific tag, the user will be notified if they selected it. 

    • Select the notification tags that interest you to be notified when related content is created. 
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