Release 2023 - 18th of August

The main features of this monthly release are the addition of the introduction of our IA assistant Powell Buddy to help your contributor create their content, the finalization of the item translation inside contribution feature in case of Microsoft page translation and an Advanced notification scenario for users.

Here is a complete review of this month's updates: 

For contributors

⭐ Discover on preview our IA Assistant "Powell Buddy" that will help you boost your contribution by creating full content for you (preview)

⭐ Improve the multilingual scenario by managing item translation and deletion on MS page translation (preview)

Have a clearer overview of your rich text content in Powell form

For everyone

⭐ Advanced notification scenario


Design improvements

New CSS helper classes to manage the custom design of Tiles/ Button
Accessibility – Minor improvements


(  represents key features for this release ) 


For contributors

 Create full content with Powell Buddy


Important information :


Introducing Powell Buddy: Our new AI-Powered content generation tool!
Powell Buddy understands contributors' prompts, crafting tailored content from prompts or various choices of pre-craft scenario.

Streamline content creation, boost collaboration, and save time like never before! Enhance your content with Powell Buddy today! 

To enable Powell Buddy, open contribution : 

  • An option Use AI to help me is displayed when hovering a content type
  • Click to create this type of content with the help of AI

  • Powell Buddy will then ask you to describe the content you want to create. In this example, we'll ask for a news about intranets 

    • You can manage the quality of responses by creating a good incentive for the AI to understand your needs better. You can start by following these basic rules: Start with an action word / Provide context / Use references / Use quotation marks / Be specific / Give examples / Indicate response length / Specify tone ...
  • Generate Content will directly create your content based on the prompt you asked, which is ideal if you want inspiration for the content you want to create. Powell Buddy will generate a content for each fields on your content type (texts, images)

                                                ( News generated by Powell Buddy from a short prompt )

  • You can also precise your prompt by asking for more instructions : 

    • Select a preconfigured context based on a lot of different scenarios 
    • Once a scenario is selected, a few questions will be generated to precise your prompt 
    • Answer questions :
    • Click on Generate Content: Your content is automatically generated by Powell Buddy. You can still edit it at any time before publishing. 

                              ( News generated by Powell Buddy after using a Release product scenario ) 

        Complete documentation

Contribution – Manage translation and deletion of items on MS page translation (preview)

We announced in the previous release that it was now possible to translate elements (applications, alerts, etc.) with the Powell contribution.

This works like the article page: once your item is created, a second step appears where you can translate the created element for each available language you wish and edit and delete it for each.

We've taken this functionality further by :

  • letting the user the choice to the item creation language. 
  • enabling item translation management in the contribution board and from content detail
  • managing the option to delete the created content in all languages

Complete documentation

Note that translation is unavailable for items stored in a calendar list or list not supporting folder creation.

NB: As the feature is in preview for now, it can only be enabled at the tenant level by a Powell administrator not to impact your current site (you can ask for it by creating a support ticket).

Contribution – Adapt the form of the content form to the length of the text

Previously, the content creation form was limited to a certain height, making it difficult for contributors to edit long texts. 

We've modified it so that it now adapts directly to the size of the text on the page.



                                     ( New content creation adapting its height to the one of the text ) 

For everyone


Subscription – Advanced notification scenario

Last release, we introduced a new scenario for Subscriptions and notifications inside a web context.

We have merged the mobile notification tags to permit you to have the same tagging plan in your digital workplace. Your users can globally subscribe to topics they want to follow and where to receive them;  your contributors can choose who they want to target.

What you need to do

First of all you need to prepare this new feature by :

  • Creating your notification plan (tags)
  • Activating the feature in the site collection you want:
    • On the portal, behind the bell, your users can also manage the type of tag they wish to subscribe to and the platform on which they wish to do so (for today only inside the intranet or by mail).
    • On the Powell creation/edition form, your contributors can target a specific scope that will receive the notification.

What's new ? 

This release, feature is improved by allowing your users to decide additional platforms where they will receive their notifications (Mails) and what languages they want to be notified on. 

Depending on this choice, the user will see notifications of the content to which they have subscribed.

Feature activation

From now on, the Recent activities option in Manager and front has been redesigned as Notifications, and divided into two options:
- Recent activities (identical to the current option) 
- Subscriptions ( new scenario ) 

(New Notifications option inside front Manage owners and contributors tools section, with the Subscriptions activated) 


  Complete documentation


NB: As the feature is in preview for now, it can only be enabled at the tenant level by a Powell administrator not to impact your current site (you can ask for it by creating a support ticket).


Design improvements

New CSS helper classes for Tiles & Buttons

In the latest version, we've standardized box shadows and borders for many widget views displaying content as tiles.

We're continuing to harmonize the structure of our element by adding CSS helper classes on all tiles and buttons that will help you to easier customize the theme.


Accessibility – Minor improvements

We keep making small but impactful changes to ensure our product is inclusive for all users. Embrace a more user-friendly experience as we strive for a digital world that caters to everyone.
Changes in this release include improved labels for buttons and links and a clearer display of numbers in the slider view.

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