Powell Teams release September 2023


Back to work, the Powell Teams team has focused its release on three major new features that we are thrilled to introduce:

This release will be done on October 6, 2023.



This feature has been built to improve the bot notification system available in Powell Teams.

The "Bot Notification" feature in Powell Teams will be replaced by our advanced "Campaigns" feature on November 10, 2023.

Campaigns offer enhanced capabilities, allowing you to manage a wider range of scenarios and implement automated corrective actions. To ensure uninterrupted notifications in your environment, we recommend setting up your campaigns before the transition date.

You can quickly rebuild campaigns to fit to the old bot notification scenario. Feel free to contact our support to rebuild your scenario with an assistance. The approval notification sent to team owners and requestor is now activated by default on all tenants.


For administrators

From mastering custom reports to taking charge like never before, Campaigns is here to redefine your experience. This feature leverages your Powell Teams reports to trigger a sequence of actions when teams enter, allowing you to configure multiple actions and manage frequency. Get ready to amplify your control and make each action count with Campaigns.


You now have the possibility to take automated actions or send alerts to team owners so that you have much fewer manual actions to take on teams. You will be able to:

  • Send an alert to the team owner 
  • Trigger automation
  • Delete teams
  • Archive teams 
  • Associate a template 

You would have also, the ability to set the name, description, and specific language for each campaign you create. 


For team owners

Notifications from the action "send an alert to team owners" will surface for the owners of teams targeted by campaigns, providing them with a concise list of teams warranting action. From this view, users gain the ability to seamlessly edit their teams, rectifying any underlying issues promptly.


New bulk action: delete teams 

A new bulk action has been added to the list. From the "all team" page, you can now delete a range of teams at once. Just select "delete" in the bulk actions button and choose the teams you want to delete. This option is available on the "all teams" page and all the different Powell Teams reports.



Report history and data visualization (Postponed to the October release)

Powell Teams' release includes an history of the last reports so you can follow the evolution of the governance guidelines you settled up on your tenant.
In each report, you will be able to identify the teams proportion of teams in the report compared to your total amount of teams. 




Coffee machine end of service

Due to a very low usage of the feature and a vision gap with Powell Teams' core value around governance management, the coffee machine feature won't be supported anymore in Powell Teams.

Here are the impacts to your configuration if you had tested the coffee machine in the past:

  • Coffee machine tabs in teams: A message will be displayed to say that the feature is no longer available and that the tab can be deleted
  • Coffee machine tabs in templates: Automatically removed
  • Activation page on the administration center: Removed
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