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Welcome to the future of intranet content creation! Powell Buddy, our AI-driven content assistant, is here to revolutionize how your team contributes to your intranet. Create compelling, informative content effortlessly with the help of our AI companion.


Important notices before starting.

Before diving in, please note that Powell Buddy. To activate Powell Buddy, please ask to your sales or CSM contact. 


AI provider choice

You'll need to connect Powell Buddy to an AI provider.

We offer two options:

  • Azure OpenAI service
  • OpenAI API

What are the differences between the 2 options?

The main difference between the OpenAI API and Azure OpenAI is that Azure OpenAI is a managed service that provides access to OpenAI's models with enterprise capabilities. This means that Azure OpenAI offers features such as:

  • Security: Azure OpenAI is built on Azure, which provides a high level of security and compliance.
  • Scalability: Azure OpenAI can be scaled to meet the needs of any organization, regardless of size.
  • Reliability: Azure OpenAI is a highly reliable service with a strong track record.
  • Support: Azure OpenAI is backed by Microsoft's global support team.

More information about Data Privacy & Security:

The second difference is the access to the most recent updates.  With the OpenAI provider, you will get access more quickly to the most recent features compared to the Azure provider. For example, in Powell Buddy, if you use the OpenAI provider today you get access to the image gen feature that is not yet available in production in Azure.


Which service is right for you depends on your specific needs. If you are looking for the latest innovations, OpenAI will be probably the best choice but if you are looking for a managed service with enterprise capabilities, then Azure OpenAI is a better choice.

Take care of your consumption, AI services are not free of charge and are not included in the Powell Software Licence.


Get started with Powell Buddy

Please follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to configure everything you need to get your Powell Buddy up and running in no time.

First, we will need to generate an API key to access the provider of your choice 


How to Generate an OpenAI Service API Key

Go to https://openai.com and click on log in:

Proceed by either using an existing account or by signing up via your preferred account:

To create an account, simply follow the instructions:

Once done, you’re ready to browse through the OpenAI platform and services:

  • Click on API, Then on your company name  (top right corner of the header);  and finally on View API keys

  • Click on Create new secret key, fill in the form, and push the Create secret key button:

You will then get the secret key that we are going to use later to configure Powell Buddy
Warning : Your API key is confidential and must not be transferred or accessed by unauthorized users. Make sure to store this key somewhere safe as you won’t be able to retrieve it’s value


How to Generate an Azure OpenAI Service API key

Open https://portal.azure.com, log in using an account with a valid subscription and enough credits, and use the search bar to look for and access the Azure OpenAI service :

Click on Create and fill in the form by following the instructions on each step:

Important :

  • We recommend that you choose the Eastern region of the USA, as DALL-E (Preview), the technology that creates images from text, is only available in this region at the moment!

  • You may encounter an error message when selecting your subscription, which means that you need to request access to the Azure OpenAI service via a request form.

After a few minutes, the service is up, and you can continue with the configuration.

Copy the resource name and keep it for later.

Go to your newly created resource and click on Keys and Endpoint in the left-hand navigation bar:

This is where you are going to find the key to use for the Powell Buddy configuration. Just pick either one of the two and save it for later.
Warning: Your API key is confidential and must not be transferred or accessed by unauthorized users. Make sure to store this key somewhere safe as you won’t be able to retrieve it’s value

But wait, that’s not it yet. You also need to manage the Model deployments by accessing the Azure OpenAI Studio :

Click on Create new Deployment and fill in the form:


  • You may get an error message when selecting the base model telling you that no quota is available. Contact your tenant administrator for more information.
  • You can have multiple deployments based on the ones that best suit your needs, but please make sure to choose a supported one (gpt-35-turbo and newer) as stated here: https://platform.openai.com/docs/deprecations


Remember and copy this deployment name, since this is the second parameter that you’ll need to configure Powell Buddy :

Now you’re done with the OpenAI service configuration. Let’s head to Powell Manager and get Powell Buddy up and running.

Setup the API key inside Powell Manager

Once you have your API key, go to Powell Manager to configure the AI settings. Choose your AI provider and enter the required information to complete the setup.

  • Open tenant settings
  • Open ai settings
few options are now displayed: 

  • Open ai provider: you can choose between the OpenAI service and the Azure OpenAI service, depending on the provider you have chosen previously.
    (other services may become available with future updates )

If you choose OpenAI:

If you choose Azure OpenAI:

  • copy and paste the key, deployment name, and resource name you chose earlier into the appropriate fields

Your environment is now configured and you can start using Powell Buddy in the Powell Intranet.


How to Use Powell Buddy

Generate a complete content trough Powell Buddy 

Powell Buddy understands contributors' prompts, crafting tailored content from prompts or various choices of pre-craft scénario. Streamline content creation, boost collaboration, and save time like never before! Enhance your content with Powell Buddy

To use Powell Buddy, open your contribution

  • Your available type of contents are displayed, along with a dialog box introducing Powell Buddy. To generate content via Powell Buddy, click on the lamp and drag it to the desired content.


Your content creation form will now be displayed in full-window mode :

  • First, describe the content you want to create. In this example, we'll ask for a news about intranets 
    • You can manage the quality of responses by creating a good incentive for the AI to understand your needs better. You can start by following these basic rules: Start with an action word / Provide context / Use references / Use quotation marks / Be specific / Give examples / Indicate response length / Specify tone ...

  • If you want to optimize your request, you can edit your role, who you are talking to, the tone and the language. All this information will help Buddy generate the ideal content for you!


  • You can now generate your content !  
    • But if you need more help, click on Need help to generate a better content 
    • A panel will be displayed with different scenarios to inspire you with great scenarios based on precise questions to better understand what content you want to generate


  • Generate Content will directly create your content based on the prompt you asked, which is ideal if you want inspiration for the content you want to create. Powell Buddy will generate a content for each fields on your content type.

                                                ( News generated by Powell Buddy from a short prompt )

Use Powell Buddy to fill specific content fields

Powell Buddy can also be used to edit or fill specific fields when creating a content.

Once your content is filled, hover a field to see a little Powell buddy icon Need help 

Once you've clicked on it, a side panel appears, allowing you to request a new prompt to update your content. You can, for example, ask for the text to be revised, or for another piece of information to be added, and so on !


Click on Generate Content to edit your field content 

Once you're done, your text will be replaced with the new prompt you just asked. 

You can decide whether to apply the generated text to the field you previously selected or to another.

You can also apply quick modifications such as shortening, lengthening, summarizing or improving ...

For images fields, you can generate a specific image based on a quick prompt :

Buddy generates 4 images according to your request. You can also generate variants and select any image to add to your content.

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