We're thrilled to share that Powell Teams is now Powell Governance, marking our expanded focus on Microsoft 365 governance.

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Expect documentation updates to reflect this change in the coming days. For more information please have a look at this article.

Elevate your Microsoft Teams governance management to a whole new level with Powell Governance Campaigns!

For over two years, Powell Governance has offered a bot notification feature, providing valuable notifications to keep your environment on track. But now, with the introduction of Campaigns, you can do so much more. Campaigns unlock a world of possibilities, allowing you to configure sequences based on Powell Governance reports, whether they are custom reports tailored to your unique needs or our pre-built reports.

Discover how Campaigns can revolutionize your Microsoft Teams management and take your governance to new heights.


What kind of actions can configured?

Campaigns are necessary associated to a report. It can be a prebuilt report or a custom report. For now, campaigns can only be built on reports based on teams.
With Powell Governance campaigns, several actions can be done:

  • Send a Teams message to the team owners: A Microsoft Teams message is sent to the team owners.
  • Archive the team: Teams are automatically archived
  • Delete the team: Teams are automatically deleted
  • Associate a template: Teams are automatically associated to this template.
  • Trigger an automation: An automation is triggered sending all the team information to a third party tool.

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Actions are done when a team arrive in the report. The the sequence is launched and all the actions configured are done until the team is still in the report.

Note that several actions can be done in a single campaign. A delay can be configured to manage your workflow.


Campaign configuration

You can create a new campaign directly from a report. From the report card or in the detail of the report. If you have an existing campaign on your report, you will be able to edit it at any time.

A campaign can be paused using the toggle button "Campaign status".

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Several actions can be chained one after the other. For exemple, on the inactive teams report, you can send a Teams message to team owners asking them for an action to take. Then send them a reminder. And lastly automaticaly archive the team. Between two actions, you can set up 15 days of delay.
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Campaign exemples

You can quickly rebuild campaigns to fit to the old bot notification scenario. Feel free to contact our support to rebuild your scenario with an assistance. 

We invite you to test your campaigns when you chose to send a message to team owners. To do so, you can use restricted audience by selecting a profile in the list. You can for exemple restrict your audience with a profile that includes only Powell Governance administrators.


Inactive teams

Send an alert to team owners when their teams are inactive and archive the team is nothing is done.

Associated report: Inactive teams


  1. Notification sent to owners
  2. Reminder sent to owners
  3. Automatic archive

Follow theses steps to build an inactive campaign:

  1. Create the campaign: Click on the 3 dots button of the "Inactive teams" report and click on "Create a new campaign"
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  2. Configure the first step: Select the action: " Send a Teams message to team owners". If you want to avoid sending notifications to some people of your organization, you can restrict the audience using profiles.
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  3. Set up a reminder notification: Click on "Add an action". Chose how long after the first notification the second one should be sent with the field "Delay after last action (in days). And repeat the action and configure a message to remind owners that they should take an action.
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  4. Set up an automatic action: Add a third action in the campaign. Chose a delay between the second and the third action. And delect "archive the team" in the type of action. 
  5. Save your campaign: Add a campaign name and description and save it.

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Other scenario

Expired teams:

Ask owners to archive or delete their inactive teams.

Associated report: Expired teams


  1. Notification sent to owners
    • Title: "Attention Required: Team Expiry Notice"
    • Content: "Some of your teams are expired. Please archive or delete to maintain workspace hygiene. Auto-archiving will proceed without action."
  2. Reminder sent to owners 
    • Title: "Urgent: Team Expiry Final Reminder"
    • Content: "Action needed to prevent auto-archive of your expired teams. Please review and confirm."
  3. Automatic archive 


Public teams:

Ask owners to change the privacy of their public teams to private ones.

Associated report: Expired teams


  1. Notification sent to owners
    • Title: "Action Needed: Team Privacy Alert"
    • Content: "Some of your teams are public and at risk. Switch to private to secure your space. Auto-archiving will proceed without action."
  2. Reminder sent to owners
    • Title: "Reminder: Secure Your Public Team"
    • Content: "Your public teams needs to be set private to protect your work. Auto-archiving will proceed without action."
  3. Automatic archive 

Teams without templates:

Automatic template application:

Ask owners to apply a governance template to their teams and automatically apply one if no action is taken.

Associated report: Teams without templates


  1. Notification sent to owners
    • Title: "Template Association Needed"
    • Content: "Some of your teams lacks a governance template. Please associate to standardize operations. Auto-archiving will proceed without action."
  2. Reminder sent to owners 
    • Title: "Reminder: Teams Template Missing"
    • Content: "Avoid auto-archive by assigning a governance template to your teams promptly."
  3. Automatic archive 


Teams with guests:

Ask owners to review the guests of their teams.

Associated report: Teams with guests


  1. Notification sent to owners
    • Title: "Guest Access Review Required"
    • Content: "Some of your teams has external guests. Please review and remove if not needed. Auto-archiving will proceed without action."
  2. Reminder sent to owners 
    • Title: "Final Notice: Review Team Guests"
    • Content: "Last chance to remove unnecessary guests from your team to avoid auto-archiving."
  3. Automatic archive 


Your own scenario:

Use your custom reports to cover the most important scenario for your organization.

Associated report: Your custom report


Please share with us any scenario you built to benefit the Powell community.


Save all documents in a SharePoint site (third party tool):

Save all team documents in a specific SharePoint site when teams are archived.

Associated report: Archived teams


  1. Trigger automation (your automation must be configured and associated with a flow to manage the rest of the sequence).


Delete old teams archived:

Delete all teams that are archived for more than two years.

Associated report: Custom report based on archived teams for more than 2 years and still inactive


  1. Notification sent to owners
    • Title: "Archived teams will be deleted"
    • Content: "Some of your teams are inactive and archived for more than two years. Auto-delteing will proceed, please contact administrators if you want to keep them."
  2. Automatic delete


Enduser governance alerts

When a campaign can be built to send alerts to team owners, those users will receive messages directly in their Microsoft Teams chat interface. In the chat with Powell Governance application, alerts cards will be sent in accordance to your campaign configuration.

Powell Governance provide a dedicated interface to be able to manage those governance alerts. On the enduser dashboard, they have a new page to manage three tabs:

  • Approvals: Pending approvals they can accept or decline
  • My request: The list of pending request made by the user
  • Governance alerts: The list of teams concerned by campaign alert. Campaign name is displayed and team owners can edit those teams.

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It can be bulk actions on several teams or specific actions for a single team, in this case, the owner will be able to edit the team within the dedicated interface. Where it's possible to change the team name and description, change privacy, archive the team, edit tag values, add or remove users, associate a new template (if authorized). 

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