Release 2023 - September 22nd


Here is a complete review of this month's updates:


For administrators

Manager-Be able to erase field configuration in the page and list synchronization process

Power app connector - Site creation: Manage the property bags of your sites

Power app connector - Send notification: We updated our connector with the new notification capabilities (send to user's platform)

Android package: We now manage version 33 of the Android SDK


For contributors

Powell Buddy – Boost your contribution by creating full content with AI (preview)

 Webpart catalog – Add audiences to ready-to-use web parts

Ready-To-UseEnable ready-to-use configurations for title and button webparts

Share price Webpart - We now use a new API to in addition to the US market you can, access to the EU market

Flexdesk - As a contributor, I want to be alerted when I delete a map


For everyone

Notification: Subscription scenario  – Manage received notification (mark as read / delete)

Mobile application: We now manage more displayed language 


Design improvements

Powell Themes – A new example for a custom theme and more helps on design customization documentation.

Powell Manager - Mobile application builder – We deleted the old interface to manage mobile applications


(  represents key features for this release ) 


For administrators

⭐ Manager – Be able to erase field configurations in page and list synchronization

We've added a new option to the page and list synchronization forms that lets you choose whether to synchronize fields of your content type that already exist in the target environment. 

When this option is selected, all your content type fields within the page or list will be synchronized with their state in Powell Manager

Power App Site creation connector - Manage property bags of your sites 

By creating a site through our Power app Site creation connector, you can now define the list of property bag keys and values that will be added to your site.

  Complete documentation

Power App Send notification corrector - Send the notification regarding the choice of the user

In the latest release, we deploy a new notification scenario that allows your users to choose on which platforms they will receive their notifications.

Regarding this change, we updated our Power App "Send notification" connector to send the notification depending on the platform chosen by the user.

  Complete documentation


Premium Application - Android package support now the Android SDK version 33

By generating an Android package from Powell Manager, we now use version 33 of the SDK.


For contributors

⭐ ( Preview )Create full content with Powell Buddy – Generate Image & variations


Warning : Powell Buddy is a Powell product related to an external data provider.  More information about pricing and activation are available in the dedicated documentation.


In the last release, we introduced a new way to contribute to Powell via AI with Powell Buddy. 

In this release, we've updated the image generator to help you create a complete experience, from text to image generation.

Creating images and variations using a quick prompt will now be easily possible.

  Complete documentation


⭐ Ready-To-Use – Enable ready-to-use configurations for title and button webparts

We've updated the Button and Title webparts to make them compatible with ready-to-use configurations. 

When updating one of these webparts, contributors can now save a new configuration as a ready-to-use template, or reuse an existing configuration. 

  Complete documentation



Webpart catalog – Add audiences to ready-to-use web parts

From the webpart administration panel, it will now be possible for administrators to manage a specific audience for their ready-to-use configuration.

From this page, you can define 2 statuses for your configurations:

  • Visibility (eye symbol): Visible only to its author or to all contributors.
  • Availability (padlock symbol): the configuration can be used on all your tenant's site collections, or only on the site collection from which it was created.

( Example of a webpart visible to all contributors and available on all tenant collection sites ) 


( Example of a web part visible only to its author and available only on this collection of sites ) 


You can also filter your configurations according to these statuses, and manage each configuration separately. 

What's more, in the same interface and in Powell Manager, you can define the default visibility and availability of your webparts when they are created by contributors. 


Share price webpart - European market 

We've updated the Share Price webpart with the Alpha Vantage API to access the European market. You can now successfully define European stock symbols such as ORAN.

  ( Share price webpart with ORANGE stock market ) 

  Complete documentation


Flexdesk - As a contributor, I want to be alerted when I delete a map

When you modify your Flexdesk component and choose to delete the card, a confirmation message now appears informing you that all card data will be deleted.


For everyone


Subscription – improvements

Last release, we introduced a new scenario for Subscriptions and notifications inside a web context.

We keep improving the new scenario with few quality of life features that will help you enaging to the feature : 

  • Mark as read a notification when the user opens it
  • Delete a notification
  • Delete all notifications

  Complete documentation


NB: As the feature is in preview for now, it can only be enabled at the tenant level by a Powell administrator not to impact your current site (you can ask for it by creating a support ticket).


Mobile application - We now manage all languages in variation switcher 

Until today when you preferred language was not part of the display language list (for example fr-be), the display language of your application was the default one.

In the previous example if your default language is english, user with preferred language fr-be had all their interface in English in place of in French.

Today we change this behavior to manage these display languages and redirect to the correct language. 

Now a user with a preferred language set as fr-be will have his interface in french.


Design improvements

Powell Themes – A new example for a custom theme and more helps on design customization documentation.

Find on the design documentation a new base for your custom theme :

This will help you to build a design more rounded and using latest helpers added to help customizations :

The result :


Powell Manager - Mobile application builder – We deleted the old interface to manage mobile applications

Until now, you could access the old interface for the Mobile Application builder

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