Quick launch

The Quick Launch menu in SharePoint is a navigation tool that allows users to access important sites, libraries, lists, and other content with ease. It provides a streamlined way to navigate within a SharePoint site.


You can manage the quick-launch navigation for the Communication and Teams site template types via Powell Manager : 

1. Open Intranet / Design / Site

2. Modify the site template on which you want your quick launch to be displayed.

3. Inside site template edit form, open Modern header & Footer subsection


4. Inside the Main navigation section, you can decide to Keep SharePoint default navigation or to Use a specific navigation :


5. To customize quick launch menu, select Use a specific navigation, a link builder will then be displayed


6. Create different links and labels to build your quick launch navigation

7. Once you're done, synchronize the navigation 



8. That's it ! Check your site collection to see the results, your Quick Launch navigation is now displayed !

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