Release 2023 - October 13th


Dear Powell Intranet users, 

We are pleased to announce a new version of Powell Intranet representing a significant stride in advancing our commitment to providing you with a sophisticated and efficient toolset.

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Best Regards,

Powell Product Team



Here is a complete review of this month's updates:

For administrators

Manager – Be able to clone a search query

Manager – Get a clear message when synchronization parameters are not correctly defined


For all

Flexdesk - Better management of cancellations for validated attendances

Favorite Categorized App – Manage item translation feature

Subscription – Choose to receive notification on mobile from the front

Mobile Application – Manage deep links



Design improvements

 ( Preview) Powell BuddyInterface enhancements

(  represents key features for this release ) 

Important announcements

Club user ( 05/11)  - Feedbacks and surveys


For administrators

Manager – Be able to clone a search query

Powell Manager's search query management is meticulous, which is why we've enhanced it to allow you to clone search queries for re-use on different pages, content types etc ...

Inside Powell Intranet / Design / Search Queries :

You'll find your usual list of Powell and custom search query templates :

  • A new Clone icon is now available, that will grant you the possibility to duplicate your Search queries

  • This allows you to duplicate a search query and all its information ( title, description... ) and options ( Visible on contribution table, search query... ).

  • The duplicated search query will then be available in each query selector within your webparts ( Search, Graph ... )


Manager – Get a clear message when synchronization parameters are not correctly defined

Users attempting to synchronize an element without the correct configurations or rights inside Powell Intranet will now benefit from clearer error details.

After a synchronization failed, open the Tasks manager;

An error description will precisely indicate what went wrong, empowering users with actionable insights to swiftly address and resolve synchronization issues. 




For all

Flexdesk - Better management of cancellations for validated attendances

We have updated Flexdesk's management of previously validated attendances.

Previously, when a user cancelled an attendance that had already been validated, we completely deleted the attendance information, leading to erroneous reports on office attendance.

We have now improved this behavior so that when a validated attendance is cancelled, we retain the booking information and set a booking end time at the time of cancellation by the user.

For example, if a user validates his presence at a desk for the whole day, but cancels his reservation at 11 a.m., we will retain the information that the user was present from the beginning of the day until 11 a.m..


       ( validated attendance  )                   ( attendance validated for all the day and then cancelled at 11am)


( The reservation is kept in the reservation list, with an end date set at 11 a.m., the time at which the user cancelled the reservation. )


Favorite Categorized App – Manage item translation feature

Favorites will now be compliant with variations in a Sharepoint Page Translation context :

When opening Tools ;


Then select Favorites section :


In the My favorite applications section, all applications will be displayed in the language of the current page.

For example, our English application "A really effective application" has a French version, named "Une application vraiment très efficace".

If we change the page language to French, "Une application vraiment très efficace" will be displayed:


! Applications that doesn't have variations or applications that are pinned as favorite by the user will not be translated ! 


SubscriptionChoose to receive notification on mobile from the front

Inside Tools / Notification,  if your tenant has a mobile application, you can now select Mobile Intranet to receive notifications from contribution also on your mobile application. 



Mobile Application – Manage deep links

Prerequisites : If your app has been packaged before the septembre 13th, you need to run a new package.

You are now able to generate specific url , called Deep Link .

These links, displayed as QR codes for example, will enable you to create a url that redirects the user to a specific part of the application.

When editing your application inside Powell manager, click on Navigation

When editing a page, validate it to generate dynamically the Deep Link.


You can now reuse this link to create a shortcut to this specific page of the application.



( Android example of a deep link used as a QR code to redirect the user to a page )


( IOS example of a deep link used as a QR code to redirect the user to a page )


Design improvements


( preview ) Powell Buddy - interface improvements

We improved Powell buddy with a brand-new interface : 

  • Content selection has been reworked, and you can now drag and drop the lamp to select the specific content you want Powell Buddy to generate.
  • Full content generation has been reworked for greater ease of use.

  • Specific field generation panel has also been reworked 


Check the complete documentation 



Important announcements

(in French only)
Club user ( 05/11) 

Summary of important topics :

  • Virtual Building Testimonials by Avril
  • Responsible digital presentation by Lecko
  • Presentation on desktop & newletters notifications by We advocacy
  • Presentation & exchanges on the product roadmap
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