Powell Teams release November 2023

This month, we're excited to introduce a significant leap forward in Powell Teams with a strong emphasis on integrating SharePoint governance.

We're thrilled to kick off this new era by rolling out the initial set of features that enhance both the "Understand" and "Manage" aspects of our solution, extending our capabilities to cover SharePoint governance.

If you have any questions about this release, you can ask here. 🙋


The release has been done on December 1st of 2023.


SharePoint reports - Prebuilt & custom

Expanding on our custom report feature, this month we're excited to introduce the inclusion of SharePoint sites as a content source for custom reports. Now, not only can you generate tailored reports for your teams and users, but also gain in-depth visibility into your SharePoint sites' data, all within Powell Teams.

7 prebuilt reports are now available:

  • All sites
  • Inactive sites
  • Inactive sites with guests
  • Sites in the recycle bin
  • Sites near to max storage quota
  • Sites with guests
  • Sites without owner

SharePoint site custom reports.png


Site archive & delete (with bulk action)

Now, administrators can perform these operations on multiple sites simultaneously, greatly enhancing workflow efficiency. We've brought the familiar bulk action experience from managing teams to SharePoint sites with the possibility to archive (read only) and delete SharePoint sites.


New access to campaigns

A new dedicated page is available the "Control" section to access to your campaigns and create new ones. 



SharePoint site edition (posponed)

Introducing the SharePoint Site edition feature, made to empower administrators and site owners with detailed insights and intuitive edit capabilities for SharePoint sites.

Site owners and Powell Teams administrator will be able to:

  • Have access and edit site information as site name, description, URL or primary email address. Important links and site history will also be visible.
  • Edit site governance configuration as external sharing or storage limit.
  • Manage users of the site and edit the site owners, members and visitors.

Site edition.png


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