Advanced Organizational chart


The advanced organization chart gives you a better understanding of your company's structure by displaying an easy-to-use map.



Warning : The people organization is based on your Azure Directory. If you notice any inconsistencies within your organization, please consult the Microsoft documentation to redefine your internal structure in the Azure Directory.

For this webpart to work, your user's Azure Directory must be correctly configured.

For all your users, the following information is mandatory

Open edit your users' information

  • Job Title
  • Department
  • Manager 

This information will be taken into account when displaying user information and generating the hierarchy



You can interact with the map to navigate through your company organization. Click and slide to navigate, and on a user to see its specific Profile Card.

You can also search for a user by typing its name, its department or job title. 


Warning : The Webpart will not display external users as they are no longer registered in the Azure Directory.


As settings, you can currently: 

  • Authorize specific rights required for webpart operation
  • Select whether you want the map to default to displaying the current user, or whether you want a specific profile to be displayed.
  • Level of direct reports : Define the number of levels you can go down in the hierarchy once you've displayed a profile.
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