Release 2024 - January 5th

Dear Powell Intranet users,

We're excited to unveil a new version to enhance your intranet management experience.

❓If you have any questions about this release, you can ask here. 🙋

Here's a quick overview of what will be available after January 5 : 

✍️ For Contributors

    1. Widget view catalog: New display views selector in webparts editing form

🧙 For administrators 

    1. Notifications: Default notifications subscription for intranet users
    2. Automatic translation: Add DeepL as a new translation service

👑 For Powell Intranet Advanced SKU only

  1. Powell Buddy: Better manage content generation on a text field with existing content

  2. Virtual Building: Menu listing of all pieces and interactive objects
  3. Virtual Building: New default template for Onboarding usage
  4. Virtual Building: User Experience improvements 

🎨 Design improvements

  1. New theme: Chinese Lunar Year

❗ Important announcements

  1. New Azure AD Powell Intranet Application: Important information to know about major changes


✍️ For Contributors

Widget view catalog - New display views selector in webparts editing form

We are pleased to announce an update to the Webpart edition forms to simplify the administrator experience.
The conventional dropdown list for display template selection has been replaced with a sophisticated visual catalog, providing a more intuitive and visually pleasing experience.

By clicking on "Choose another display," users can seamlessly navigate through a comprehensive list of available widget views, adopting a design consistent with the Webpart catalog.

This improvement not only ensures a more refined user interface but also sets the stage for future developments.

In forthcoming releases, we are diligently working towards introducing view categorization, associating key features such as management and pagination with each widget view


🧙 For administrators 

Notifications: Default notifications subscription for intranet users

Recently, we proposed a new notification scenario based on users subscription

We've taken note of your feedback about how administrators can generate default subscriptions, making it easier to set up notifications for all intranet users.

We're pleased to inform you that this feature is now available. With default subscriptions, administrators can determine which notifications users will automatically be subscribed to.

When editing your subscription tags, you can now associate a Graph property to the tag 

Choose a graph property and set up your subscriptions:

  • If a user's profile has a graph property matching a subscription name in his profile, the user will be automatically enrolled in that subscription.
  • Users will not have the option to unsubscribe from the group.
  • If a user's profile is modified, the subscription will be updated accordingly based on the profile properties.
  • For instance, considering the example above, we will examine the user's profile for the name of their Country. If User A's country is listed as France, they will automatically be subscribed to notifications sent to the France tags.

( In the front-end, the user's A country is equal to France, so France is automatically registered for this user )


📖 Related documentation


Automatic translation: Adds DeepL as a new translation service

A new translation service has been introduced in the tenant settings, allowing Deepl to be configured for dynamic translations.

To set up Deepl as the translation service:

  1. Open Tenant settings / Environment configuration
  2. Look for the Translation Service section

  3. Choose DeepL as the translation service.

  1. Upon selecting DeepL, you will be prompted to enter a service key.

  2. This service key is private and specific to your account. You can generate it by referring to the Deepl documentation.

  3. You can also add service parameters, allowing you to define different terms and the desired value. For example, we can decide that Powell will be automatically translated as "Powell Software" or define which insulting or vulgar words will be censored. You can check for the list of parameters available for DeepL here
  4. Once you've completed this process, your dynamic translations will be seamlessly managed by Deepl services.


                   ( Dynamic Translation of a news by Deepl )

🔎  Deepl documentation

🔎 Dynamic translation documentation


👑 For Powell Intranet Advanced SKU only

Powell Buddy: Better manage content generation on a text field with existing values

We keep going on the latest enhancements to Powell Buddy for contribution forms/text webpart

In this update, we want to improve content editing:

  • The field for content generation will now be visually highlighted, ensuring a clear focus on where changes will be applied.

  • The message under the Buddy logo has been refined to prompt contributors with, "How do you want to leverage the content?" for more explicit guidance.

  • The “Additional Information” block will now be hidden by default, providing a cleaner interface upon form entry.

Virtual Building: Menu listing of all pieces and interactive objects

The hierarchy of areas and objects has been adjusted for clarity to improve usability. Clicking on an area reveals a list of all interactive objects within, and clicking on an object seamlessly redirects the user to the specified object inside the area. These changes aim to make navigation more intuitive and efficient.

Virtual Building: New default template for Onboarding usage

This new template will contain a way to welcome a new coworker and give him all the needed information to start his new job.

How we imagine the journey:

  • Welcome 
    • Link to the onboarding page in the intranet
  • Discover our company
    • CEO presentation video
    • Orgchart
    • Policies
    • Values
    • Product
  • Your room
    • Profile
    • Personal board
    • Meet with HR team and ask for questions
  • Meet with others
    • New comers monthly meeting
    • Global monthly meeting
    • Who's new comers
  • Practice
    • Discover some project
    • Book your seat to events
    • Onboarding training
    • Rewards
  • To be continued..
    • Link to the home intranet
  • A Buddy bot to ask all the questions

Virtual Building: User Experience improvements 

We've implemented several enhancements in Virtual Building to enhance the user experience and simplify map editing.

  • Visual elements have been upgraded, introducing a fresh Map-loading animation and more defined shadow borders.

🎨 Design improvements

New Theme: Chinese Lunar Year

Ring in the Chinese New Year with our new additional theme:


📖 Related documentation


❗ Important announcements

New Azure AD Powell Graph API

We inform you of an important update regarding our Azure AD application "Powell-GraphAPI".
We have redesigned our architecture and this change requires action to re-consent a new Azure AD application "Powerll Intranet".

To ensure a smooth transition and minimize disruptions, we have planned the following steps:

  • Today: We are sending you this notification to inform you of the situation and let you understand the next steps.
  • Starting on December 8th, 2023, you can select the new Azure AD Powell Intranet Graph API application from Powell Manager and consent to it with your tenant Administrator account.
  • Starting January 5, 2024, An alert message will be displayed on your intranet dashboard, visible only to administrators. This message will guide you through an automated consent procedure to facilitate the consent of the new Azure AD App "Powell Intranet."
  • From June 2024: The Azure AD application "Powell-GraphApi" will be permanently removed. We highly recommend following the consent procedure to ensure uninterrupted service continuity.

This transition is essential to maintain the quality of our services following these architectural changes. We want to assure you that all measures have been taken to minimize the impact on your daily operations.

Here is a documentation explaining the migration process
🔎 Migrating the Azure AD App "Powell-GraphApi"


Please be aware that the migration does not impact Powell's permissions; instead, they constitute a revalidation of those rights subsequent to the migration.

We understand that this may raise questions or concerns, which is why our technical team and customer service will be available to assist you at every stage of the process.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this process. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our technical support team, who will gladly assist you.

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