Dynamic translation - Azure & DeepL Translation

Dynamic Translation enables real-time translation of text and content directly on your SharePoint Site by linking your tenant with a Translation Service. Currently, Powell supports two compliant services: Azure Cognition and Deepl.


🧙 Administrators

Select a translation service 

Defining a translation service will have two principal features : 



To enable a translation service, open your tenant settings : 


Then open Environment Settings / Translation Service


Depicted, this section offers three potential options:

  1. No dynamic translation: Choose this if you don't require a translation service.
  2. Azure Cognitive
  3. DeepL

You can select any of these translation services. However, in both cases, you'll need to generate a service key.

For Azure Cognitive, please refer to this documentation, and for DeepL, follow the instructions outlined in this documentation.

Once you have your service key, add it to the "Service key" field and save your tenant. 


You can also add service parameters, allowing you to define different terms and the desired value. For example, we can decide that Powell will be automatically translated as "Powell Software" or define which insulting or vulgar words will be censored.

You can check for the list of parameters available for Azure cognition here and DeepL here


Enable Dynamic Translation

You can enable Dynamic Translation in 2 different ways : 
Inside Powell Manager, by opening your site collection settings / Environment; Click on Enable automatic translation inside the 3rd part solutions

You can also, inside your sharepoint site, open settings and select Manage owners and contributors tools

You can also, inside your Sharepoint site, open settings and select Manage owners and contributors tools, then enable Dynamic Translation.


👪 For everyone

With dynamic translation activated, you can effortlessly translate your page content in just a few simple steps.

  • Open Tools 
  • Click on the Translate icon
  • Choose the language into which you want the content to be translated.
  • Click on Start Translation 

Your content will now be translated directly! 


Caution: The number of available translations may be limited depending on the selected translation service. Kindly consult your administrator for further details.




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