Powell Teams release February 2024

This update focuses on enhancing the end-user experience. Users can now easily find and manage their SharePoint sites on their dashboard and create new, well-governed SharePoint sites.


This release will be done on February 20th of 2024


User-dashboard with SharePoint sites

The end-user dashboard has been reworked to integrate SharePoint sites. It's now easy to find and access to any kind of workspace from a single page.

  • The SharePoint sites of a user are now displayed alongside Teams, in one dashboard.
  • Recommended and favorite options are now also available for SharePoint sites.
  • A new guided workspace creation journey is accessible from the page.
  • SharePoint site can be edited by owners directly from there personal dashboard.
  • Site creation approval requests are accessible from the page.


Site creation for users with approval workflows

Our workspace creation process is now enhanced with the integration of SharePoint sites. This enhancement simplifies governance, allowing you to use templates and approval workflows seamlessly across both SharePoint sites and teams.


New SharePoint default reports & custom report properties

Powell Teams administrators gain access to a suite of new reports concerning their SharePoint sites:

  • Expired SharePoint sites
  • SharePoint sites with guest admission not respected
  • SharePoint sites with missing owners
  • SharePoint sites with missing members
  • SharePoint sites without templates

But also new properties in the report builder for SharePoint sites mainly related to site templates:

  • Number of visitors
  • Template minimum number of owner rule respected
  • Template minimum number of member rule respected
  • Template naming rule respected
  • Template naming rule name 
  • SharePoint Template name 
  • Template Id
  • Is associated to a template
  • External sharing rule 
  • Expiration delay (days) 
  • Has a company policy

The storage property for teams and sites will be adapted from GO to MO to be able to give more granularity in the configuration of custom reports. Your potential existing reports using this property will be automatically updated with the conversion. 1GO = 1024MO.


Dynamic Group Management

We've also improved how Powell Teams handles dynamic groups. This is useful for managing assignments more efficiently, ensuring that user access and permissions are dynamically updated as group memberships change.



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