Catalog of widget views


The Widget Catalog feature has been introduced to enhance the user experience in front-end interfaces for webpart selection and customization.

How to use the widget catalog ?

The widget catalog can be accessed from anywhere when searching for a display in a webpart's editing form:


Click on Choose Another Display to open the catalog : 


Key Features

1. Categorization

Widget views are classified into different categories based on their display type. This categorization simplifies navigation and enables users to quickly identify the type of widget view you require. The following categories are available:

  • All
  • Vertical Tiles
  • Horizontal Tiles
  • Details (full page)
  • Horizontal tiles 
  • List
  • Sliders
  • Custom

2. Subcategories

Each category is further refined with subcategories tailored to content type :

  • For example, "News" subcategories select widget specialized in displaying news.

3. Feature Filtering

The feature filtering option allows users to refine their search based on the available features of the widget views.

This functionality streamlines the selection process by enabling you to find precisely what feature you require without unnecessary browsing.

Selecting Widget Views

To select a widget view, you can simply click on the desired view within the catalog interface. You can then proceed to customize and integrate the selected widget view into your webparts as per your project requirements.

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