Site administration - Create a new contribution board from a Sharepoint site


Previously, site administrators were limited in their ability to manage search queries and contribution tables within the site collection, and everything had to be done from Powell Manager.

We have made it possible to create and manage search queries and contribution tables via the administration panel directly on a Sharepoint site.


How to create a contribution board on my Sharepoint site

In the Administration Settings / "Manage Site Owner Options" :

We renamed "My Search Queries" in "My Boards" and displays all boards registered by users and managers. "Powell Intranet" is now "Powell Intranet Boards" and showcases all Powell Boards.

  • Addition of "Create a New Board" Button:

    • Upon selection, a side panel is presented to the admin for creating a new contribution board.

Side Panel for Creating a New Board:


Follow this form to create your contribution board, let's explore all the fields :

General information : 

Board Name: Title of your Contribution board (unique from other boards).

Description: Description of your contribution board

Board Icon: allows you to select an icon for your contribution board



Query Builder

With the Query Builder, users can define and refine search parameters, including content types, item types, paths, and site templates, to precisely filter and curate the content displayed on their contribution board.

Content Related (Inherited from Query):

  • Select Existing Search Query: Displays all existing custom and Powell search queries.
  • Filter by Content Type: Displays all content types available.
  • Filter by Item Type: Decide whether a specific item type must be displayed or not.
  • Filter by Path: Decide whether content from a specific URL path must be displayed.
  • Filter by Site Templates: Decide if content from a specific site template should be displayed.

Select + to add a selected query to the Search and - to exclude it.widget.gif(Example of a query that retrieves content created by the current user and excluding a specific content type)   

Sort Options:

The Sort property allows you to define a sort based on a specific property: Created, CreatedBy, Author ...

  • Sort Property: Decide which property will manage the sorting of the board.
  • Sort Direction: Decide the direction in which content will be displayed


Board Fields:

Select the properties that will structure your content in the contribution table.

  • You can add a new field to open a form

  • Inside this form, Add the Field name, the property that it will display and the type of display
  • For example, here we create an Author field that will retrieve the author for each content item in our search query.


Test Board:

  • "Test the Board" Button: Allows admins to load the board configuration and preview its results before saving.

If we test it, we successfully load the query we've created, the sort we've requested and the Author field we've defined.

Once you've saved, your board is saved and selected by default as an available view for your contribution table views!

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