Release 2024 - April 26

Dear Powell Intranet users,

We're excited to unveil a new version to enhance your intranet management experience.

❓If you have any questions about this release, you can ask here. 🙋

Here's a quick overview of what will be available after April 26

👪 For everyone

  1. Search / Graph (Teaser/Beta) : New slider view for News

✍️ For Contributors

  1. New webpart editing forms (Teaser/Beta) : a whole new way to build your webparts
  2. Webpart New Edit Form (Teaser/Beta): Kudos / Search Box / Advanced OrgChart / Orgchart
  3. Widget View Catalog: Filter views based on Design pack

👑 For Powell Intranet Advanced SKU only

  1. Buddy contribution: Give a KB as a reference for content creation
  2. Apps : Be able to refresh SP & rafpoint page

  3. Apps for frontline  : Improved display of news and events

❗Important announcements

  1. New Azure AD Powell Intranet Application: Important information to know about major changes

🎨 Design improvements

  1. Additional theme:  "Sport" theme is available !

📖  Documentation

  1. the first written documentation about Powell Manager. : 🥁 Powell Manager: Deployment tool – Help Center - Powell Software ( [Need to be signed]
  2. New available documentations
  3. Updated documentations


👪 For everyone

Search / Graph ( Beta / Teaser )  : New Slider view for News

A new view is available for Search and Graph webpart !

News slider ( Bubble ) is a brand-new view that allows you to effortlessly create a customizable slider to showcase your news content.


Built on a fresh design, this update will make sliders more user-friendly and contemporary.

✍️ For Contributors

New webpart editing forms (Teaser/Beta) : a whole new way to build your webparts

We're excited to unveil a fresh approach to creating and customizing Powell Webparts. We're thrilled to offer you a sneak peek at the innovative customization options and redesigned interfaces aimed at enhancing the Powell experience.


  • April / May / June : Available in Beta (contact your CSM to ask for it if you want to participate and give us your feedbacks) 
  • June 21th : Final release

Change your title directly from the webpart

Easy mode to select the content displayed


Helpers to easily map your displayed properties

Gather the features related to the view in one place to simplify how to enable it.



Webpart New Edit Form : Kudos / Search Box / Advanced OrgChart / Orgchart

We revamped version of the Advanced Organizational Chart, Organizational Chart, Kudos, and Search box webparts edit panel in relation to the new edit form.

Exemple for New OrgChart Settings Section:

Easily manage settings with a dedicated section that includes:

  • Display options for user selection
  • ( For advanced ) Configuration for the number of levels displayed 

Check and Documentation Section: Check permissions and access documentation:

  • If User.Real.All permission is granted, access webpart documentation effortlessly.
  • If permission isn't granted, a red alert prompts action to conscent

The whole list of views that handle the new edit behavior (in beta mode):

  • Search 
  • Search box
  • RSS
  • Title
  • Button
  • Kudos
  • Org chart
  • Advanced org chart

Widget View Catalog : Filter views based on Design

Thanks to a new Design pack filter, the widget view catalog can now be filtered by view design.

Filter on Design Pack quickly narrow down your search based on theme with this handy new filter group. By default, all current widget views (excluding those of Cassiopea which are depreciated) are now automatically marked as Orion.

Stay tuned for the upcoming design pack, bringing even more variety to our catalog!


👑 For Powell Intranet Advanced SKU only


Buddy contribution: Provide a knowledge base as a reference for content creation

As a contributor utilizing Powell Buddy for content generation, you now have enhanced control over your Knowledge Base (KB) selection. A new option has been introduced, allowing you to specify a particular KB for content creation.

This option becomes available only if there exists at least one KB within your tenant. When accessing the global content generation, the KB field remains unfilled by default, providing flexibility in selection.

When a knowledge base is selected, it is used to generate a specific response based on it.

Apps : Be able to refresh SP & rafpoint page

  • For IOS devices: It will now be possible to refresh Pages inside the Powell App by scrolling down at the end of the page


  • For Android devices: You can now refresh the page by clicking on the refresh button on the top right corner of the app.


Deskless Apps  : Improved display of news and events

We improved display for news and events for Deskless users :

  • On the news details page, we now display the date of publication under the image and author
  • Unmapped properties won't be displayed anymore inside the News display
  • blobid1.jpg
  • If an image is mapped inside an event, it will now be present in the event display.

❗ Important announcements

(Reminder) New Azure AD Powell Graph API

We inform you of an important update regarding our Azure AD application "Powell-GraphAPI"

We have redesigned our architecture and this change requires action to re-consent a new Azure AD application "Powell Intranet".

To ensure a smooth transition and minimize disruptions, we have planned the following steps:

  • Today: We are sending you this notification to inform you of the situation and let you understand the next steps.
  • Starting on December 8th, 2023, you can select the new Azure AD Powell Intranet Graph API application from Powell Manager and consent to it with your tenant Administrator account.
  • Starting January 5, 2024, An alert message will be displayed on your intranet dashboard, visible only to administrators. This message will guide you through an automated consent procedure to facilitate the consent of the new Azure AD App "Powell Intranet."
  • From June 2024: The Azure AD application "Powell-GraphApi" will be permanently removed. We highly recommend following the consent procedure to ensure uninterrupted service continuity.

This transition is essential to maintain the quality of our services following these architectural changes. We want to assure you that all measures have been taken to minimize the impact on your daily operations.

Here is a documentation explaining the migration process

📖 Migrating the Azure AD App "Powell-GraphApi"


Please be aware that the migration does not impact Powell's permissions; instead, they constitute a revalidation of those rights subsequent to the migration.

We understand that this may raise questions or concerns, which is why our technical team and customer service will be available to assist you at every stage of the process.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this process. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our technical support team, who will gladly assist you.



🎨 Design improvements

  1. Additional theme:  "Sport" theme is available !

Exciting news! We've just added the "Sport" theme to our collection! 🌟

Explore a world of athletic inspiration ! ⚽️🏀🎾


the first written documentation about Powell Manager :

🥁 Powell Manager: Deployment tool – Help Center - Powell Software ( [Need to be signed]

How was it built ?

Thanks to the perfect combo between AI & humans. We built a special GPT bot to transform the great "Powell Academy" videos transcripts into a "step by step guide". Then it was reworked by the product team.


New documentations

Updated documentations

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