Powell Governance July 2024 release note

This July release is all about improving campaign efficiency and user experience. We've made significant changes to ensure workspace owners clearly understand the actions needed when responding to campaign notifications.


This update introduces a new consent requirement for sending campaign emails; a Microsoft Teams/365 admin needs to grant or regrant app permission. More information below.


Campaigns enhanced end-user journey

  • Clear action communication: Campaign notifications now prominently display the action requested by administrators.
  • Automatic actions defined: Notifications also outline any automatic actions taken if owners don't respond. This provides greater transparency and reduces confusion.

Pending actions.png

Campaigns endusers.png

Moreover, endusers have now a guided journeys depending on the actions they are requested to take. Here for exemple when deleting a team:



Email notifications for campaigns

We're excited to announce a new communication channel for campaign notifications: email! This addition fulfills a long-standing request from our valued customers and offers more flexibility in reaching workspace owners.

To enable email notifications, a new permission – "Mail.Send" – will be added for Powell Governance administrators. Following the release, an application permission consent will be requested.


Enhanced adminstrator configuration experience

Administrators now have more control over campaign configuration. You can:

  • Specify required actions: Define the actions owners need to take within the campaign itself.
  • Choose the communication channel: Select between email and in-app Microsoft Teams notifications.

admin campaigns.png

Building on our recent bulk action additions, we've integrated the following functionalities into campaign configuration:

  • Turn private
  • Add owners
  • Remove guests

Please Note: All of the actions visible in the mockup, are not yet planned for this release. We'll keep you updated on their availability in future releases. Few adaptations could be done compared to the mockups.


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