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Powell Teams enforces your Microsoft 365 Governance by using templates. Powell Teams administrators can create and maintain teams or SharePoint site templates.

To access the list of templates, go to the "Manage" section of the administration menu, and click "Templates."

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The list of Templates

The administration section shows the team templates created by Powell Team Administrators. You can create, edit, and publish Templates.

The page displays separately in two tabs teams and SharePoint site templates. Templates are displayed in alphabetical order with their title, description, type (SharePoint site or team), and status (enabled/disabled). 


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For a detailed guide on creating a template: Create your first template.

You just have to click on "Create a template" and follow the journey.

To understand how you can configure and define the settings of each template, read Team template settings


Template actions on the template cards

The 3 dots button on each template card, you will find several options available:

  • Edit template: To configure the governance and business rules of your template
  • Information: This page allows you to have a summary of the configuration of your template. Note that this preview is also visible to team creators when they create a new team based on the template.
  • See teams: It will directly show you the list of teams associated with this template
  • Duplicate: This option lets you duplicate the template. If you have a new template to configure with similar rules, it can be faster to use this option instead of creating a new one from scratch.
  • Delete: Removing the template from Powell Teams. It won't be possible to configure it or use it for workspace creations.

The toggle button on the template card allows you to enable or disable a template. Thanks to this, the template will be available for your end-users during team creation or not.

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