Promoted teams


As a Powell Teams administrator, you can promote & highlight important company teams to your employees.  

As a result,  new or existing employees can quickly discover the important company teams to follow on the user dashboard under " Promoted " tab. Check the Welcome page for more information. 


To promote teams to your employees, go to the menu > manage your teams > promoted teams.



The list of Promoted teams 


You have the list of promoted teams displayed in alphabetical order on this page. 


Only Microsoft Teams administrators can list all teams. If you are not a Microsoft Teams administrator, you will be able to see the teams you are an owner or member.


You can delete a team from the list of promoted teams with a delete button on the right. 


You can click on the edit icon to modify the team and select a profile assigned to this team.  



To promote a new team, click on the "add a team button." 


Promote a team

  • To promote a team, choose a team you want to promote from the list.


  • Select a profile to assign to this team as you choose your team. If you check the option everyone, the team will be promoted for everyone. The second option lets you target specific people with a profile feature.
  • If you want to promote this team only for specific people, check the "specific users" option and choose the profile from the list. Ex: you can target promoted teams by country, department, roles…
  • Save your changes, and it's done - your team is added to the list of promoted teams.




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