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You can access this page through the administration section, in the menu. 


This page will allow the Powell Teams administrators to track every important activity.



The table that you can see on the image abive provides a complete information of what is happening on your tenant: 

  • The type will display what type of activity is being carried out: team creation  or the report creation
  • Name - will depend on the activity whether it is the team creation or the report creation. 
  • Details - will display additional details for each activity. - for ex:  if team creation failed, this column will describe what could be the reason behind it. 
  • Status - shows if the activity succeeded/ failed, is still pending or in progress. 
  • Start date - Start date of the activity  
  • End date - the end date of the activity
  • Users -  name of the user carrying out the activity

Every time someone will try to create a team through the team creation wizard, the following page will list all the team creation activities with its proper status. Whether the team creation succeeded, failed,  is in progress or still pending. 




You can filter the table by status (Pending, In progress Succeeded, Failed)

ex: You want to see only the activities that are still pending. 



With the button “Show only my tasks” you can filter activities performed only by you.

ex: The list is too big because I see everyone's activity. I want to see if my team creation has succeeded. I will select “Show only my tasks”. 


As you click on the “eye” icon, you can access more detailed information about each activity. 



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