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Users can create a new team based on company templates via “Create a new team” button on top of the Welcome page.  As you click on this button, a team creation form appears. To successfully create a new team you need to follow the steps. 


Template selection

To create a team, you need to choose a template on which your team will be based. When you click on the button "create a new team" , the list of available templates appears. These are all templates, created by your organization and visible for your user profile. 


To create and configure templates, you need to be a Powell Teams Administrator. 
To see how to create templates: Create your first template


Click on the template “Classic Template”. A small window will pop up that will give you short information about this template. 


Specifically, it will list the name and a short description of the template along with all the channels and tabs existing in that specific template. It means that if you choose this template for your new team, your team will duplicate the channels and tabs listed below.


Click “Use this template”. 



 If you do not like your selection, you can change it by clicking the “change” button. Choose another template from the list and click "next".


General Information

On this page you will:

  1. Assign tags to your team
  2. Give your team a name
  3. Give your team a description

The chosen template defines how the page looks like, as tags and their default values are configured within the template. You are able to choose the tag values. An asterix at the Tag name identifies a tag as mandatory. 


For example: in "Department", you can choose the value "Marketing". For "Location" "France", etc. Since all the three tags created by the administrator are selected as “mandatory” you must configure values to create a new team. 


Choose the values for each tag and continue with the next step.


Tags are created by administrators in the Template creation form  or on the Tags page in the admin section. 
Check the page Manage Tags and Refiners for more information. 



The next step is to give your team a name. If your organization has set a naming convention, your team name will change accordingly. A naming convention is how you implement the governance regarding the naming of teams. 


For example: if we choose the value “Marketing” for "Department", “France” for "Location" and add the name “ My Team” , your team name will change to "Marketing - France - My Team". The tag “Shared with” is not included in the team name, since this particular tag was not applied to the naming convention used in this template. If we change "Marketing" to "Sales", we will see the name changing to – “Sales - France - My Team”.


Invite people to your team

On this page, you are adding people to your team. You need to choose the privacy of your team first.




In the example shown in the image below: the team privacy has already been defined as "private" and you do not have an option to choose. In this case, every time this template is applied to a team, the team privacy will be automatically set to “private”. 


Templates can be set to public, private, or the requester can choose between both.


Add team owners and members

After this step, you start adding people as team owners and team members. A warning message at the bottom of the page informs us if a minimum number of owners and users has been defined for this template. In this case, in order to continue, you need to add at least the required number. 


Powell Teams Administrators can define default owners and members within the template. You will still be able to add additional owners and members. Default members and owners chosen in the Template will be automatically added to your team. 


External users

External users are supported in the Powell team creation for members. You will still be able to add missing external people with the standard Microsoft Teams functionality after the team creation. 

When the Powell Teams administrator has defined it, a warning message notifies the user that the template chosen for this team does not allow to addition of external users. 


Azure Active Directory groups

The message above Default owners and member stab say: start typing a name, distribution list or security group to add to your team. 


It means that you can users can add AAD groups when they select the owners and members of the team. It’s a quick way to add your owners/members in your teams.


 When the team is created, the AAD groups are decomposed with the unique users and they will be added to the team one by one (like in Microsoft Teams)


Click on the little arrow under a group and choose whether you want to expand the group or not. 



The image below shows the result of choosing the option “yes, expend”. 


Resume and Validation

On this page you have a summary of your configurations. You should validate the team name,  team description, team privacy, team owners, members and tags. 


If any information is not accurate, you can always return to the previous pages to make your modifications. Use the previous button or the form tabs at the top of the page.



After validating the information, click on  the “Create Team” button. Powell Teams will create the Team based on the chosen template with the configured settings. 


If your Team does not require approval, it will be create automatically. You will be notified on the user dashboard when the team creation is completed.


If your Team does does require approval, you will need to wait until the team approver (approver that was selected in the template settings) approves the team creation. You will be notified if the team approver approves/rejects the team creation. 


To find out more about approval workflows, view the page approval workflows

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