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Before creating your Template in Powell Teams, you need to create a Microsoft Teams team with proper channels and tabs. You will then use your Microsoft team as a model for your Template in the template creation form. It is crucial; Powell Teams templates are based on reference teams to prepopulate channels, tabs, additional configurations, or members.


Template creation form

Click on "Create Template" to open the template creation form.



The form does include three steps:

  1. General Information
  2. Template reference selection
  3. template reference settings

General Information

Give your Template a title and description on the "General Information" tab. The title and description of the Template will be visible to users when they choose a template during the team creation process. The template information URL can be used to guide users to use the Template. It will be displayed during team creations.


It is important to choose a good title and to use the description. This allows users to better find the best template and to understand what the template is about and how it is configured.



Template reference selection

The next step is to select a reference for your template.


You have two options: 

  1. Refer an existing team from the list of teams available for you.

For that click "Use an existing team".  Select the Team you want to use for your Template. Use the search bar to find the required Microsoft Team team.

  • If you are a Microsoft Teams global administrator, you will see all the teams in the tenant
  • If you are not a Microsoft Teams global administrator, you will see the teams where you are members or owners.


When creating your Microsoft Teams teams as templates always use the same identifier in their names. This allows the Powell Teams Administrator to search for in the Powell Teams Template creation process.

After your selection, click "Next".

2. Refer to a Powell Teams template: 

           Select a template from the proposed template list. You will have access to an impacting templates gallery.


Select the template from the list and move to the third step. 


Template reference settings

In Team's settings, you choose which components of the existing team you want to add to the Powell Teams template. Mark the checkboxes of Applications, Settings, Members and/or Tabs to add them to your Template. Channels are always mandatory.


Include the settings to automatically enforce your Governance. This includes Office 365 groups settings. A very important setting is the ability to block guest users for a specific group/team

Click "Create Template" to create the Template. 



You can click "Show Template Details" on the confirmation screen to define governance and default members' settings.


Frequently asked questions

1- What is happening if my team model is deleted?

When you select a team model, we read the configuration of the Microsoft Teams team into Powell Teams. If the model is then deleted, your team template is still working.


2- What happens if I forget a configuration within the wizard?

The Team Template Wizard is a quick way to start a team template. You can edit the created team template at any time from the team template dashboard, which includes all your team templates.


3- I created a team template, but I don't see it in the list of templates in the user dashboard?

Your Template is in the draft; you need to publish it to make it available for everyone.  


4 - Are Powell Teams templates supported on Education tenants?

Powell Teams templates have not been designed for Eduction tenants. We might support it at a later stage.

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