Product Roadmap


On this page, as Powell Teams administrator,  you will have  the information about the future feature releases to help you stay on track. 



The Roadmap page can be accessed through the Product information section in the Menu. 




The table that you'll see in the image below will list all upcoming features. It gives you visibility about the features that are being developed.


Each feature listed in the table will display: 

  • The status (whether it is in the backlog / in development / released)
  • Targets - whether it will impact the administrators or the end-users
  • Tags - In which product category does each feature fall into
  • The Targeted Date - Estimated delivery dates.

The roadmap will always be updated with new information or changes. 


If you click on the eye icon ("see") or anywhere else on the table, it will open the Feature details. 



You can filter the list of features by status or target: 


Filter by Status

  • Backlog - planned feature/ to be specified and designed
  • In progress - in development
  • Released - pushed in production/ready to be used



Filter by target

With Target, you can filter whether the released feature will affect 

  • Administrators
  • End Users

This allows you to quickly find more relevant features to you if the list is very extensive.



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