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With Powell 365, it becomes very easy to create news. There are two ways with which you can create news.  

1. Directly from the News Hub page, with the button "create news"

2. With the"Manage content" icon in the Powell header


Create News Directly from the News Hub

On the Intranet News Hub, a button directly on the page will allow contributors to create news easily. 



As you click the button, you will access the news creation form.

You will need to fill in the form with the required information. 

  • Set a title for your news article
  • Write a description


  • Upload an image for your news article


  • Department:  you can tag your news article according to a department. You are not limited to one tag - you can add several department tags. For example: if your news article is targeted for the HR department, you can choose the tag HR from the drop-down list. As a result, your news article will have the tag "HR" displayed on it.
  • Choose a location: You can tag your news according to the location. Choose from different locations available in the drop-down list. You can add several location tags for your news article. 
  • News content: You can write/paste the content for your news article in the content bow and structure it according to your preference.


  • Options: You can choose to duplicate content from another language or to another language 


  • Click "publish" 

Create News with the "Manage content" icon 

  • Click the "+" icon on the Powell header


  • Then choose the type of content you want to create: News / Advanced News.



*You can also choose to create news with notifications. To see how, visit the page create news with notifications.


  • As you choose the option News / Advanced News, you'll get access to the news creation from, where you need to fill in the required information. 



  • You will be able to find all your news on the News Hub page, or through the "my contributions button" under the tools icon. 


Edit the News

After the creation, you can go to "Tools" in the Powell Intranet Header to edit the news.



Then, to "My contributions." 



As you go to "My contributions," a separate page for News will display all the news you have created. 



Choose the one you want to edit and click the "edit" button on the right. 

You can also edit news, by simply clicking the news article on the News page. It will open up the dedicated article page.

Then click the three-dot icon. 

With the "edit" button, you will modify your article content. 

With the "delete" button, you can delete the whole news article. 


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