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The combined search web part is the main asset to customize and control what you want to display in your intranet. This web part permits you to create tabs and arrange elements you wish to display in various categories.

Each tab is personalizable to display the elements you want. You will have a lot of possibilities and displays given for each tab.   

With this web part you can display diverse types of elements: events, news, pages, documents, people, or elements based on a specific content type … All of these, are perfectly rearranged into the tabs chosen by you.

Example of one usage of the search with tabs web-part (square mode) 



Global settings

Ready to use the template

For the whole configuration, you can select a ready-to-use template. By selecting a template, all the options will be automatically populated. 


Display type

First of all, you can choose between vertical, horizontal and squares displays
  • Vertical

Display each Search tab in a vertical selector


  • Horizontal

Display each Search result tab in a horizontal selector


  • Squares

Combine all Searches and display them as squares : (You can select between 5 squares size for each tab)


Tab settings


You can choose from many options, an icon for each tab, by clicking on the + button
Screenshot 2022-02-02 at 17.11.30.png

Use Ready-To-Use template

For each tab, you can select a Ready-To-Use configuration that will fill all the next settings : 


Select one and click on Apply to use the selected template


A message will be displayed, and once you click on Confirm, all the next settings will be automatically populated.


Search settings

For each tab, you can define a search result as you do it for a typical search: Search webpart documentation

Specific options for the tab-mode

If you select the tab (vertical or horizontal), you can choose the option to display or not the first tab

Specific options for the Square-mode

If you select the square mode, you can have some other options

  • If no result: Choose the behaviour of the component when there is no result from the different done configurations
    • Empty widget: Only the title will be displayed
    • Hide the widget: The space of the webpart is released, and there is nothing displayed
    • Display a message: Define a message that will be displayed
  • "See more" option: Define a link to redirect to another page and see more content
  • Activate user's preferences: Display the preference feature allowing to let your users to filter the displayed content depending on a field

Create a Combined Search ready-to-use configuration

If you want to save one of your configurations as a ready-to-use configuration once all your tabs configurations are done :

  • Click on Save as a template  before saving Combined Search webpart


  • Fill out the form to create a new ready-to-use configuration


  • Once the form is saved, your newly created ready-to-use configuration is now available in the Ready-To-Use section


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