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The My Profile web part lets you easily manage the user profile information. In this web part, you can incorporate all kinds of information -  a short profile description, education, skills, ... 

This webpart can display the current user information in a "daily board", for example, or the information of a specific user in case of dedicated presentation.

My profile
Users can gain points through gamification capabilities when they complete their profile information.
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Settings are displayed in 4 sections, Display, Profile completion, banner, and user information.

This documentation describes the setting of the "Orion - User profile" view.



You can select display, to select a Cassio or a modern view. In this example, we will select a modern User profile view.

  • Display: choose the display of your web part. You have the choice between two displays. 
  • Profile to display: you can select the current user (the one who is connected) or select a specific user
  • Layout type: Full or compact. You can choose the default layout type here. It means if you choose "compact", the view will be displayed by default for all users in a compact model

Profile completion

  • Profile completion: Allow your users to edit their profile or not. Then, you can select a list of properties that you consider most important and that your users must fill. Having that, your users can see what kind of information is expected and the progression of their profile completion. This feature is available only if :
      • you select to display the current user,
      • you select the Orion - User profile display
      • you allow your users to edit their profile



Banner options let you define the design and components that will structure your banner.

  • Text color : Decide on the font color inside your banner, Light or Dark
  • Banner Background : Decide whether you want a color or an image for your background.
  • User information displayed in the banner: Customize the 4 blocks of user information that will appear in the banner. For each, define a block title and the property that will be displayed.
  • Quick links : Quick links are links to specific media or urls that you can define. You can select a social media (Outlook, Delve, Teams, Engage, Onedrive) or customize a link. You can define a title, the behavior of the link and an audience ( What groups of users will see the quick link ). You can also set the image related to the quick links





User Information

you can select the type of information that you want to display. Each information can be gathering in blocks.

    • Number per row: you can define the number of block displayed for each row and depending on the device (mobile, tablet, desktop, large screen)

      • Then you can add and configure the information blocks. For each block, you can choose :
        • The block type, between: 
  • Single property: The block will display the only selected property
  • Multiple properties: The block will display the list of selected properties
  • Rewards: This block type is available only if a gamification site is linked to the site collection and will display the gamification progression of the user
        • The theme: 
Light theme
Dark theme


        • The block title: The displayed title on the top of the block
        • The properties to display (in case of single and multiple properties): The property or the list of properties to display in the block
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