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Retrieve the latest documents wherever they are stored with the Delve web part. 

Delve is a Powell web part and it displays important documents via attractive boards: 

  • My recent documents​
  • Documents shared with me​
  • Trending documents

You can find the example of a Delve web part on Powell Intranet My board page. 




Configure the web-part settings


  • Template: Choose the display and select the tile or the list view
  • Select the Row Limit: number of items fetched
  • You can decide to set a search bar, that will allow users to search for the content directly on the page
  • Paginate result: choose the number of items to display per page
  • "See more" Options: Select the see more option if you want to redirect users to the Delve page.  If you choose this option, you can then choose to create a "see more" label of your choice and create a “custom see more” URL to redirect users to a chosen page. 
  • Change the Configuration: you can configure your delve view and choose to show only documents.
  • Choose a view - you can choose to display the documents shared with you, your work, and the popular documents displayed on the home page.  


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