Outlook Tasks


Access your latest emails, upcoming events, and to-do list from within the portal via the Outlook connectors. You can integrate Outlook emails, Outlook Events, and Outlook Tasks web parts anywhere on the portal. 

​With this widget, you can even create new emails or meetings directly within your Powell 365 portal.

You can find the example of all these three web parts on Powell Intranet My board page. 




After selecting the Powell Intranet web-part “Outlook Tasks”, fill in the required information in the web-part form. 

  • Add a title for your web part and start configuring web-part settings.


In the configuration form on the left, set the properties

  • Template: Under templates choose the tasks display
  • You can set the see more button and custom the see more label (you can set a label of your choice)
  • See more links: set the url where you want to redirect users to after clicking the see more button. By default, users will be redirected to the Outlook "To do"
  • You can choose to show completed tasks
  • Choose the number of tasks per page
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