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The Refinement panel web-part is Powell 365 web-part. It can be found in different places on Powell Intranet. For example the People Directory page.

The Refinement panel is a great web part to simplify the search of elements on your intranet

The refinement panel is linked to the content-search web part that will allow you to search certain elements in one click.


Refinement panel web-part in the “People Directory” page





After selecting the Refinement panel, an edit form will appear. We will see how to configure each section of it below.


The "Connect to" section

To work, this web part needs to be connected to a content search web-part on the same page. The elements displayed by the content search web-part will be able to be refined.


If you have several content search web parts on your page, you'll be able to select which one you want to link by selecting the right checkbox.





“Refiners' settings” section

With the given checkboxes, you can decide whether you want to :

  • Show the results number
  • Close all refiners by default
  • Or display the search filter by the refiner

After this, you will be able to manage your refiners.



  • You will need to click on “Add a refiner” to add one. As you do this, the following form will appear.

You'll have to add the name of your refiner on the top of the pop-in, in the empty box next to “Configuration for”.



  • Then you will be able to set the default display name of the refiner you just created and add languages if needed, by selecting the desired language in the “Add a language” dropdown. You can erase any added language by clicking on the cross mark next to it.


  • After that many display templates can be selected on the “Display Template” dropdown.


  • The "Date Range" Orion display, refines the elements that can be chosen based on the date range.
  • The "Single values" and "Multi-values" Orion displays refine the elements that can be chosen based on the values of the refinement.
  • The "Yes-No" Orion display refines the elements that can be chosen based on what's already refined.

To comprehend it better, you can check the example below:

The “IT Manager” job title has just been selected so the Department and the Keywords displayed are those that exist for the IT Managers of the Intranet.



  • After selecting the display, a new configuration item will appear. The following caption can illustrate the creation and the editing of a refiner.


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