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🎯 standalone template - Flexdesk



  • Rachel Filkey

    I love this template, and plan to utilize for both desk and parking reservations, however, you cannot book two events at the same time, ie parking and a desk.

    There needs to be more documentation on how to manage this system, for instance if I want to remove a map completely, how do I do that. And How do I address the booking issue? Create 2 sites?

  • Powell Intranet

    Thank you for your feedback ! 

    I want to announce you that we will release a solution in December to be able to enable multiple booking in a same widget. That's mean your user will be able to book like you said a desk, a meeting room or even a parking lot at the same time.

  • Julien Magne

    Great tool !

    The possibility to add a single line of comment to a booking would open a wide range of scenarios that can not yet be implemented. I hope to see it soon !


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