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News with notifications is the feature that allows you to send a notification to Powell apps so that the Intranet users who have a mobile app deployed on their phones will be notified not only within the app but also on the smartphone. The message can be pushed to users who will receive it on their lock screens, without the need to be in the application.

Notifications are news that have been specifically created as  « news with notifications » so they can pop up as alerts on your smartphone. They target users based on tags set when the news is created per department and location. Users decide which notifications they want to subscribe to, based on the filters in the application (available tags).

*Emergency notifications can be pushed by default to all employees! 

Get more information on how it works in the application, on the Page Powell Apps.


How to create news with notifications

To create news with notifications you have to use the "Manage content" icon in the Powell header to add content and follow the same process as creating standard news.

As you click the "+" sign to add content, choose the type of content you want to create. In this case - News with notification. 



As you choose the option “create news with notifications", you will need to fill in the form and set the properties:

  • Title: Put a title for your notification (news)
  • Description: Write a description


  • Banner image: You can upload a banner image for your news


  • Departments:  You can tag your news with tags. Choose the department tags from the dropdown list.


  • Location: You can tag your news with Location tags.  Choose the location tags from the drop-down list. 


  • As you set all the required information, click publish.




Configure notification settings

Once you publish your news or save them as a draft, you will be able to configure notification settings.



  • Generic Powell App: Below In the Properties choose the option "yes" to send a notification to a generic Powell App. as you select this option, it will allow sending a notification to users who have a mobile application deployed on their smartphones. 


  • You can choose to select : 

- All : This option will send a notification to all users using the application


- Tags:  As you choose this option, you can select a maximum of 6 tags. The chosen tags will determine who will receive the notification. For example, if you add "Sales" from Department tags and "France" from Location tags, the notification will be sent only to users who have subscribed in the app to receive news of the sales department, in France. 



Adding tags

- Users: This option allows to send a notification to one or many people.  To do that, you need to enter a name(s) or an email address(es). 
  • Orion Demo Current: Send a notification to the portal users according to three categories.

- To all portal users

- To users according to the selected tags

- To specific users


*If you are an Administrator, and you want to see how to activate the notification feature for the content type, please view the article "How to activate notifications from Powell Manager" under the section Administrators. 

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