Surveys and Polls are the most practical way to collect data from company employees, gain information and insights into various topics of interest and reveal a great deal of information about employee perceptions that management can use to improve the workplace.




  • Configure settings for your poll


  • You only can display one poll per poll web part, so you have to choose which poll you want to share on your page by selecting a poll in the “Active Poll” drop-down list. You can select from the polls you have created in the “All polls” section.


  • You can choose the display of your poll in the “Display” section.


  • And finally, you can manage your polls in the "All polls" section.


  • In the example above, several polls have already been created. If you want to create a new poll, click the “Add” button at the bottom of the section. Then you'll have a “Create your poll" form where you can :
    • Set the question of your poll
    • Give at least two answers, and add a few more if needed by clicking the “Add a new answer” button.
    • You can select a display showing your poll results (see the examples below).
Create a poll form
Display for poll results
  • In the “All Polls” section, you'll have a list of all your created polls. You can export your poll data to CSV, and you can also remove your poll.
Manage your polls
  • By clicking the edit icon on the left side of each poll, you'll have an edit form opened for your poll, where you can change your poll parameters and save or cancel your changes.
Edit a poll
  • And lastly, by clicking on the “Results” button, you can check your poll results immediately.


Display the poll results

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