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Save the content you want to read later and organize it on any page on the Intranet via the "saved for later" web part.

Saved for Later web part is a Powell web part. You can find the example of this web part on the Powell Intranet My Board page.




Configure the settings for the "Saved for later" webpart.

  • Template - choose the display of the web part - you can choose the tile or the list view.
  • Choose the row limit - define the maximum number of items you want to display.
  • Pagination - define the number of items per page.
  • Number per row - define the number of items per row per screen size. 
  • You can choose to set the "see more" option to set a see more button. Indicate a url under the "see more" link if you want to redirect users to a specific page. By default, users will be redirected to the Sharepoint Page that displays all news.


  • Open in a new tab - Select this option to open news in a new tab as users click them.
  • Save your changes
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