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Increase employee engagement and help your employees become powerful company advocates


Template settings

The following settings will be imported when you will create your template:

  • Channels & tabs:
    • General
    • 1 💪 Best Practices - How to create impactfull acticles
    • 2 🙏 Submit your content here to get it selected
    • 3 🦸‍♀️ Wall of fam, Praise our top contributors
  • Privacy: Private team
  • Minimum number of members: 1 + Prevent the addition of new owners
  • Guest allowed: Yes
As an advice, we recommand to complete the template with the following additional configurations on your side: learn more on how to update a gallery template
  • Tabs you can add
    • General: a PowerBI to mesure the impact of the, a SharePoint page displaying the employee advocacy Powell Intranet template page
    • 1 💪 Best Practices - How to create impactfull acticles: a OneNote, Word or Wiki to give the best practices to all the employees
    • 3 🦸‍♀️ Wall of fam, Praise our top contributors: a SharePoint page diplaying the ladderboard of the best employees of the month en term of communication
  • Recommended Powell Intranet site Template: Employee Advocacy
  • Naming convention exemple: 📢 Content Ambassadors 📢 | Department | Location | [Team Name]
  • Profile exemple: Marketing Team
  • Tags you can add: Department (choice), Location (choice), Business Process (choice)
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