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We're thrilled to share that Powell Teams is now Powell Governance, marking our expanded focus on Microsoft 365 governance.

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Expect documentation updates to reflect this change in the coming days. For more information please have a look at this article.

Live exemple of our 

Increase employee engagement and help your employees become powerful company advocates


Template settings

The following settings will be imported when you will create your template:

  • Channels & tabs:
    • General
    • 1 💪 Best Practices - How to create impactfull acticles
    • 2 🙏 Submit your content here to get it selected
    • 3 🦸‍♀️ Wall of fam, Praise our top contributors
  • Privacy: Private team
  • Minimum number of members: 1 + Prevent the addition of new owners
  • Guest allowed: Yes
As an advice, we recommand to complete the template with the following additional configurations on your side: learn more on how to update a gallery template
  • Tabs you can add
    • General: a PowerBI to mesure the impact of the, a SharePoint page displaying the employee advocacy Powell Intranet template page
    • 1 💪 Best Practices - How to create impactfull acticles: a OneNote, Word or Wiki to give the best practices to all the employees
    • 3 🦸‍♀️ Wall of fam, Praise our top contributors: a SharePoint page diplaying the ladderboard of the best employees of the month en term of communication
  • Recommended Powell Intranet site Template: Employee Advocacy
  • Naming convention exemple: 📢 Content Ambassadors 📢 | Department | Location | [Team Name]
  • Profile exemple: Marketing Team
  • Tags you can add: Department (choice), Location (choice), Business Process (choice)
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