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The Members is a Powell web part, and it can be used to display members of a SharePoint, Microsoft 365 security, or Yammer group on your Intranet page.    

You can find the example of this web part on the Powell Intranet Community pages. 




  • After selecting the "Members" web part, the following edit mode form will appear


  • Template: Choose the Display of the "members" web part from the dropdown list
  • Connect with: Connect the web part to a Sharepoint group, Microsoft 365 group, or Yammer. Note that you can only choose one group to display.
  • Connect with a Sharepoint group: If you connect to the Sharepoint group, choose the group from the dropdown list.
    • You can choose to:

- load all groups: The "load all group option" is the link to the dropdown list that allows choosing a group to display. The dropdown list displays only a group related to the current site by default. If a user selects "Load all groups," we display all the groups of all the site collections (of all sites) on the dropdown list.

- remove job descriptions under member names

- send an email notification when adding a member

- Choose the maximum number of users to display on a web-part


  • Connect to a Microsoft 365 group and choose a group from the dropdown list


  • Choose to connect to Yammer only
  • save your changes
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