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Creating internal  Job offers lets a company create new opportunities for its employees and strengthens employee engagement. Powell Software allows you to create and publish internal job offers in several minutes through a 'job offer" form. 


How to create a job offer

To create a job offer, you need to go to the Job offers page on the Intranet. To access the "creation form," you can either:

  • click the button "new job offer" directly on the page. Note that this button will be only visible for Intranet contributors and administrators, not for standard users.


  • access the form through the Powell gear: click the Powell gear on the Job offers page, and select "add content." Then select " create an item." For available content, select "job offers"  and click "create." 


"New job offer" button on the Job offers page.



Create a new job offer from a Powell Gear


"Job offers" creation form.

To create a new job offer, follow the creation form and fill in the required information.

1. Language: Select the language in which you want to publish the content. 

2. Ti le: Put a title for the offer (e.g., financial analyst)

3. Of er reference:  the offer reference number (7888655)

4. Skills:  List skills required for this particular offer (e.g., Analytical and quantitative skills.
Broad-based business knowledge).


5. Co tract Type: indicate the contract type, whether temporary or permanent employment.

6. Pr file Description: Describe a profile needed for a potential candidate (e.g., Experienced Budget analyst,  able to process a variety of information, evaluate costs and benefits, and solve complex problems.)


7. Division:  Indicate a division (e.g., Finance)

8. Picture: Upload a picture from your device

9. Location: Indicate a location where the Job takes place (e.g., Paris)

10. Job description: Indicate the responsibilities for this specific Job (e.g., Establishing and evaluating budget proposals to determine the optimal allocation of project funds).


11. Contact - indicate contact information in case of interest

12. Translation Options - choose if you want to translate the content to other languages or from another language


Once done indicating all the required information, click "publish." 

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