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RSS feed web-part is an external connector web-part. It is particularly advantageous to display your external information feeds. You can display any information from any source.

Multiple RSS feeds can be easily configured into your portal to integrate information from different websites.

The example of this widget can be found on Powell Intranet on the Communications department template. With the International news feed web part, a communications team shares useful information from relevant websites so that the company employees can stay up to date with global news regarding the industry they work in or some other important topics for their professional growth and development. ​



After selecting the RSS web part from the Powell Intranet web parts', you will be able to define settings via the web part editing mode. 



  • Template: Choose a display of your web-part
  • Row limit: Select the number of feeds you want to display per column
  • Max number of characters in description: Define the size of each feed (how much text you want to display for each feed)
  • Custom see more level: you can choose a label for your "see more" button
  • See more links: you can Insert a url of a page to redirect users to a specific page as they click the "see more button"
  • Adding RSS feeds: Add a title for your feed and below add a url of the page you want to display feeds from. Then click "Add" and add another feed.
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